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  2. PeterCPC

    Just saying Hi !

    Hello Wes and welcome. Peter
  3. Thanks for looking @wornish and @tooth_dr. That’s a huge difference! It also makes the nebulosity ‘pop’ more. Did you do this in photoshop? I’ll be fiddling a bit more now
  4. Mr Spock

    Just saying Hi !

    Hi Wes, welcome to SGL
  5. Mr Spock

    Hello again

    Hi John, welcome back
  6. Good work Victor! Since you have invited comments, I would just say - constructively - that it seemed to end rather abruptly. I was hoping it would somehow continue a little longer. But still - a good and informative presentation! Doug.
  7. A very nice shot. I love how you have brought out the brightness variations in the mare areas. Well done. Wouter.
  8. Today
  9. Nice shot Steve...
  10. Mike, Thank you for sharing your observations and sketches of Mars. Impressive work!
  11. evo 925 and 294mc pro with ir/uv cut filter. Mosaic of 3 images and processed in photoshop.
  12. Based on many peoples' advice here I've decided to return my star adventurer and instead am picking up an Orion Sirius EQ-G mount, which all-around I expect to feel much more substantial and accurate. I'm looking forward to bringing my 180mm focal length lens and dslr out for some widefield shots this upcoming new moon, and eventually picking up a small refractor for those hard-to-reach DSOs. An autoguider is on the radar but will have to wait until my wallet recovers. Overall just really excited to be getting into a hobby that let's me combine two of my passions: photography and science.
  13. SIDO

    Hi from Hampshire

    Welcome to SGL, Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course Freddie...
  14. OMG what a stunner, you’ll need diapers for your first planetary views, it almost looks as though it’s too much for the mount but, at 20lbs or so I guess it’s ok. im highly envious I might say.
  15. Now that is a unique instrument!! Never seen one for sale ever. Looks like a keeper
  16. I got it second hand about 8 months ago, and I think it's one of the later models. It performs fine, and is pretty compact. The thing to get used to are the magnetically loaded switches; they have to be tightened gently and then slackened a tiny bit otherwise there's some horrible binding. It's very quiet when tracking, and even slewing at max speed is pretty quiet. I got it as part of a package deal so I thought I might as well try it out after initially considering selling it. It's lighter and smaller than my Avalon Linear, although the Avalon wins in terms of quality and day to day consistency. For me, the practical aspect of carrying it in and out and storage space is more important, which is why the Avalon is now up for sale.
  17. I concur, both the 80L and 80A LOMO's were the best , most contrasty refractor I have ever looked through. Congrats on the 115!!!
  18. Congrats on your new 250!!! I just bought a preowned 250S Mewlon and it absolutely unbelievable. My favorite telescope to date. It will never leave my possession, which says a lot considering I like to buy and sell scopes to try (especially refractors). All it took was my first light in good seeing and turning it to the moon and my jaw dropped. The entire package is just outstanding: from the super sharp finder, to the electronic focuser which eliminates mirror shift and focusing vibrations, to it retaining collimation on an international trip in UPS's hands, and its removable back plate to cool the primary mirror faster if I liked. And then there is the views.....I bought it for deep sky but it turned out to be an insane lunar killer with the 48 brandon and 32 masuyama!! 4 years in the hobby and its a game changer.
  19. Thanks for the heads up SyedT, much appreciated. I have a Pegasus UPB any way so will be using that but I am interested in knowing if your mount was from the days of CEM60 getting the bashing or was it one of the recent models (less than 2 years old?). Besides. The USB hub fiasco, any other issues? Some days I wish I could just ditch everything and go for an Avalon mount and be done with it
  20. Many thanks for the replies. I guess that I need to try GPhoto as my EOS 450D is on the supported cameras list (but in PTP mode -- and I'm not sure whether I already use that with BYE). I might get a 1TB SSD for my current laptop, use DD to copy Win 7 to that and then install some flavour of Linux (I mainly use Debian for other purposes, but I note that lots are using Mint) dual boot, or perhaps just install Linux and run Win 7 as a VM. At least I have until next January to make up my mind. Thanks again, Geoff
  21. As much as the USB ports seem like a bonus, don't rely on them. I've had constant issues with connections being dropped, as the hub is not powered. I ended up getting a powered USB port which works well.
  22. OK now I'm impressed. But you're clearly not using the ASI1600 camera. How do I know? Because Alnitak isn't showing the patent zwo pattern mind if I ask what scope, camera were you using? And how are you focusing? Everything for me is on point. Also what exposure lengths did you use for the flaming star nebula? What are you on the Bortle scale? I really don't see much in any of your images. I mean it is there but I'd be happy to have that level of noise. Maybe some parts of my answer will be within the questions that I've just asked above
  23. I wouldn't agree with that. A few folk on here may know me as the chap that developed retrofit antibacklash gearing for the EQ8 - in response to my own experience with severe Dec backlash. which was similar to yours. I studied the mount in detail, visited the factory where they are made and consulted with the design engineers about it. They are not engineered like 10Micron mounts, but then again they cost only a quarter as much, and they are solid and serviceable for long FL imaging once the backlash problem is tamed. 2015-on EQ8's are much better than the original ones in respect of Dec backlash, even if not as good or as reliable as genuine anti-backlash mounts. What's more, they have big accurately hobbed worm wheels and ground worms which generate low PE and are easy to autoguide with substantial payloads. There is a good ecosystem of community-designed extensions to the rather basic Synscan motion control system, e.g. EQMOD, Green Swamp, Wifi dongles and an engineering diagnostic tools. For those who can see beyond the 'rough and tough' cost-optimised persona of this product, and are willing to make allowances for its funny little ways (e.g they come in a huge flight case, but have no reverse polarity power protection or motor short circuit protection), EQ8's are a solid workhorse at a bargain price. There are several people on this forum who rely on one for much of their imaging work. Incidentally, no mounts of this weight class are mass-produced. The global market for such items is very small. All are built in small batches. Tony Owens
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