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  2. Well iOptron's not so expensive unless you go to the CEM120EC and EC2. And there are people talking about issues with CEM120s. I find that Astro-Physics owners are the ones who seems to keep the most quiet about their issues, and there are issues if you look at the Yahoo forums. I find it most interesting that some have spend a lot of money on their AP mounts with encoders, and then get no better results than people who have spent a lot less, who then tells everyone to buy AP. Often the reason stated is that they have zero issues with their AP mount and it resolved all their imaging woes. Personally, I have with my ieq45 pro a bout of issues at the start to do with backlash on DEC. After resolving it to the best the mount could do and figuring out the settings needed in PHD2 it has just worked. So I really don't understand the mental state of people who has issues on expensive equipment and tells everyone they don't have any issues. And recently I have found that some of the same people who buys the high end mounts were throwing away 50% of their frames and calling it a good take rate. I know Olly has experiences showing the mesu doesn't lose any frames which to me is a much better measure of what's what than the marketing heavy but substance thin way some of the NA manufacturers seem to maintain their market share.
  3. The slab could be moved further inwards perhaps, leaving the sleeper overhanging by a little? Probably wouldn't need to be very much. I have to admit that old sleepers from an actual rail line soaked in years worth diesel and oil (and probably a lot of other stuff I'd prefer no to think about) seem pretty much indestructable and I'd not be surprised if they lasted decades sitting on the slab as Francis has drawn. I'm not sure it's possible to get those any more though, probably because they're soaked in years worth of diesel and oil and other stuff I'd prefer not to think about. I've no idea how tolerant brand new ones are of abuse. Were you planning on having the moisture barrier completely cover all of the ground under the observatory, Francis? James
  4. mariosi

    Mars 21/4/19

    My pleasure to view!
  5. Thanks for that, yes, that is excellent value, how good is it at removing the coma, as I looked at the Baader and the reviews weren't brilliant, I saw a side by side of the Cheaper SW and the SW f4 Aplanatic Coma Corrector and it was like chalk and cheese. I think even the Celestron will be too big as this is what the dimensions are listed: - OAG Body: 29mm Male M42 and M48 camera adapters: 12.5mm Female M42 and M48 telescope adapters: 4.5mm Short T-thread Spacer Ring: 6mm Medium T-thread Spacer Ring: 11.55mm Long T-thread Spacer Ring: 24.25mm Medium M48 Spacer Ring: 11.55mm But with the GSO I might get away with a ZWO OAG as they are quite narrow at only 16.5mm thin https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-off-axis-guider-oag.html
  6. mariosi

    M81 and M82

    Καλή δουλειά!
  7. Running a test with stacked TECs but it's not good! First of all the temperature gradually dropped to around 2°C then rose again to 5°C. With the single 30x30mm TEC it got down to -2°C. Running at 11v and just over 5A. This is very disappointing. Mind you, it is using a lot of power (over 55W) whereas with water cooling the TEC runs on 20W and then there would be some power wanted for a dew heater but I doubt it would want 35W!
  8. You can power the old skyfi's from external power rather than using the internal batteries. Once buried and external power plugged in, no need to go near it again.
  9. mariosi

    100mm & M51

    Nice observation and sketch of M51
  10. Indeed, lit side. Thanks for the correction. It's now been edited. I had lazily neglected to change that from words in a post for an earlier occultation. Regarding the Moon image, it is depicted in the standard manner for a geocentric observer with x-ray vision and head toward north. In some occultations the graze paths wander into both hemispheres, so I always make my graze map Moon depiction in the standard geocentric fashion. Sorry if my Moon image creates difficulties for those of you down under. Meanwhile, enjoy the occultation that will be invisible to those of us up north.
  11. It would be fine as a line amp. He would be better off with the G8FEK amp.
  12. And the demand/need for long focal lengths to reach optimal sampling is diminishing as pixels get smaller in newer cameras. An rc6 paired with 3.8micron pixels gets you < 0.5" per pixel which makes guiding even more demanding and exceeds seeing in almost all conditions leading to oversampling.
  13. Hi. Use the GSO coma corrector instead which gives you 75mm of back focus. Your Celestron will fit easily. HTH
  14. Hi all, this has probably been asked a million times but, I have built a barn door tracker which works well, I was thinking of using my Orion Starshoot IV which is a planetary camera, as I can't afford a proper autoguiding camera, I was thinking of putting a lens on it and using it as a camera for polar alignment with sharpcap, and to use it to monitor tracking while my DSLR is imaging, I would like to know if there is some way of taking longer exposures than 8fps for software to even detect stars? I've done some general messing around in phd2 and sharpcap but nothing seems obvious to me. Here is the camera I'm hoping to use https://www.astroshop.eu/astronomical-cameras/orion-camera-starshoot-solar-system-iv-color/p,21741 thanks for reading.
  15. As I understand it there is an encoder on the worm wheel - the mount has to find this before it starts recording the training. So if you are lucky it will find the encoder straight away, in which case it only takes one turn of the worm (about 8mins) to record the PEC. If you are unlucky, and it has to rotate the worm nearly all the way round to find the encoder, then it may take nearly 16 minutes. NigelM
  16. Hi James, welcome from another newcomer.
  17. So did I. I’ve heard a rumour that digital photography may be coming. But there’s no way that will be successful....... My non-metered Asahi Pentax and Weston lightmeter are going strong........ Ed.
  18. Hi Roland, Most people are likely somehow a bit lazy or do not want to disclose what they do. Of course the result can be the same. I only have EC2 mounts but from my former experience I can say. With encoder you mainly correct for drift and atmospheric refraction over a long period and perhaps the one or other sum up of seeing and a bit of rest PE. In reality it is not PE but it is more a summing up of different error and that is what you guide out from time to time but mostly drift and atmospheric refraction. Without encoders you add the PE for guiding out and that is compared to drift and Atmospheric refraction a quick changing error whereas drift and atmospheric refraction are a slow changing error and are constantly moving only in one direction. PE is moving backwards and forwards and even can have additional peaks or valleys overlaid over the sinusoidal curve. There are plenty of images of uncorrected PE curves and corrected PE curves in Cloudy Nights. iOptron delivers with each of their mounts plots of your RA errors be it non EC and EC mounts. Look at the images of the plots of my mounts. Rainer
  19. What focal length are you looking for? The newt isn't a long focal length. And the RC isn't fast. What are you looking to image?
  20. Well, it was a bit mucky - although it still performed well. Anyway, I thought I'd give it a clean, as I haven't done this with the Bresser Dob before. I marked the positions of the screws, and removed the cell - gentle brush/blow - then a spray with Baader Wonder Fluid. After that soaked in a bit, I rinsed the mirror with distilled water, then dried it off with warm air. Put it all back, re-collimated, job done, and it looks a whole lot better! At no point did I touch or rub the mirror. Having been apprehensive, the whole process was quite quick and easy. Plenty of care required though! Now for some action soon...... Doug. (Wish I'd taken some photos!!)
  21. For the owners, mind if I ask how does the typical guiding look like? arcsec P2P and RMS.
  22. Hi, As they say 60 lbs carrying capacity and that means 60 lbs carrying capacity excluding counterweight. Counterweights are extra You can put 60 pounds of equipment on top and put 60 lbs of counterweights on the counterweights shaft or even more depending where the center of gravity of your equipment is. My mount CEM 120EC2 is specified with 115 lbs carrying capacity and I have 118 lbs of counterweights on it and no problem. but that does not mean that my equipment is also 119 lbs. My equipment on top is perhaps 105 lbs but due to the high center of gravity and the preferred way I put my counterweights for balance i get that combination. In the image you can see from top to bottom 3x 12kg, 1x 8kg, 1x 6kg and 1x 4kg counterweights (those ugly golden pieces ) which adds up to 54 kg ~ 119 lbs Clear ? Rainer
  23. Thanks Steve, As you can see in the picture I am already at 55.07mm without an OAG fitted, add 1.0mm for the Chroma filters and I am just over 56mm, you'll have to excuse my scruffy drawing. Now I can exchange the front adapter so that it will accept the Moravian OAG which I specifically bought to use as it keeps the backfocus at 55mm, but to be honest the Moravian OAG is a pile of pooh, that's why I use the Celestron one as it really is very good, but far too big to use with a 55mm constraint. What OAG are you using to keep the distances down as it might be worth getting an adapter made if the OAG is narrow enough.
  24. Here are a few pics from my build thread which show more clearly what I was trying to describe above. All joists around the edges rest on EPDM acting as a DPC.
  25. You just reverse the clamping brackets. Ie: remove the bits on the bottom and turn them the other way round. Heres one of my spare weaver rail mounts. Yours for the price of the postage if you want it.
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