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  2. That’s a great M51! You have quite an array of kit listed in your signature, would it be possible to list which scope and camera you used for this capture? Thanks
  3. Very nice pics John - though slippery slope for a dedicated visual astronomer
  4. Yes should have been clearer it's the Star Patch folk done the Meade, still no reason Celestron can't manage similar I'd have thought. Dave
  5. Not exactly clear skies Stu, pretty murky and windy, looking clearer now and the wind's dropped of course Dave
  6. Let's be clear, neither Meade nor Celestron have found a fix, it's a dedicated team of "amateurs " who are offering it for Meade mounts. Michael
  7. Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL.
  8. Hi Andrew, welcome from another newcomer.
  9. They’re great John. I do like a coloured moon & love the subtle colours.
  10. Glad you got some clear skies Dave. My inner Alan Whicker voice is much better than when I try it out loud!
  11. pbc

    Skywatcher eq6

    Thank you Anne. Have DM'd you.
  12. Did you mean star clusters? Most globulars are not much bigger than most planetary nebula and as such need around 200x or higher to resolve.
  13. RiponJas

    Just saying Hi !

    Hello there and welcome
  14. Hello there and welcome
  15. I reckon I could knock up something a bit more substantial than that with better adjusters for less. Dave
  16. Just caught this one last time about ten minutes ago. Great to see how much it has rotated right towards the edge of the limb. Quite alot more edge on than earlier today. I can't separate the umbral areas any more, it's just one thinish line. Seeing is a bit ropey down low now too!
  17. Potential buyer found. chaz
  18. Yep, it's supported. I got it to work once... Literally took one picture and since then it hasn't worked for some reason... The problem is I can't remember the settings I used to get it to work that first time! haha
  19. Personally, I would keep things simple by using the internal drivers of Stellarium.
  20. And so, as the Sun sinks slowly behind the rooftops we bid farewell to AR2738, we thank it for providing a few days entertainment and wish it well on it's journey to the far side. Dave
  21. Is the camera on the supported list for GPhoto, if not then your out of luck.... GPhoto by the way, is the linking software between Indi & the camera.
  22. Hi, Interesting how stubborn the Urban Myth of encoder and unguided imaging stays in this Hobby. Be it an absolute or an incremental encoder the only purpose of this is to kill the Periodic Error = PE nothing more nothing less. The pointing accuracy of course get better as you something onto which you can measure your movement e.g. distance traveled. I personally do not see an advantage of an absolute encoder in our hobby. I was working for more then 15 years with two Losmandy G11 mounts and the only encoder where those for the servo motors in order to keep the correct speed and a possible positioning but what can you expect from a little dicd with lineprinting and a diameter not bigger then 16 or 17mm ? Not much. Every time I shut them down or the power was interrupted they knew exactly where they were. Of course opening the clutch and moving by hand was prohibited. You lost then everything and needed to make a manual homing. Nowadays not necessary as they have homing sensors. Now the big marketing hype for using absolute encoders is " your mount will always know where it is ",. OK the incremental also know it. Question: Just because you have absolute encoders you will be playing around all night opening the clutches, moving the axes and tighten the clutches and then go to the object and so on and so on ? Just for fun and so justify the price difference you paid for it ? If yes, then ok get a mount with absolute encoders. Not even Planewave on their mounts have absolute encoders. They also use a separate sensor for homing. Now coming back to unguided imaging hype with absolute encoders. OK, you have set up your mount and Polar Aligned as good as you can. Now you tell the mount with absolute encoders to go to RA XXh XXm XX.Xm and DEC XX° XXm XX.Xs and the mount with the absolute encoders goes to that position (absolute encoders are coded for that and have coding for each position as fine as possible and the rest is interpolated by algorithms and now you take an image and wonder why is my object NOT in the center. Very easy and because of your not perfect Polar alignment. That easy are fooled the absolute encoders. So now you center the object and you take an image now and it is centered and then you take an image in an hour and again it is not centered, you think WTH is goin on, I ahve absolute encoders and the mount should stay put oin the object, nice thinking but again you Polar alignment summed up with atmospheric refraction has moved the object to a new position but your absolute encoders are sitting exactly on your coordinates A XXh XXm XX.Xm and DEC XX° XXm XX.Xs as they were told, but no, the object moved due to PA and AR ... and so you will always need a feed back and that feedback can only come from a camera imaging the part of the sky and at start you marked the position of the object with X axis XYZ pixels and Y axis XYZ pixels and now when the object changes the pixels position you read it and command back the mount so the object is in X = XYZpixels and Y=XYZ pixels. Think of your car with electronic steering aid. From time to time you need to correct your track on the M5 ... What is the advantage of encoders. You just have to keep on the right track your mount and that can happen every 10, 20 or 30 seconds (I am doing it like that as I have two CEM 120EC2) and have learned to thing now outside the box and send one guide PING every XX seconds instead of inside the box every 2 or 3 max 4 seconds depending of the worm period and PE. The encoders take care of PE and not having encoders the guiding has to take care of PE and right track. For correcting PE you do not need absolute encoders. Absolute encoders do also have a track for purely incremental measuring. Think about it Rainer
  23. Hi peter, thanks for reply, I think i will stick with stellarium as i am getting familiar with it. I have downloaded celestron driver and other ascom platform but with no luck. getting frustrated with it now. thanks again.
  24. It’s the wedge. 150€ and prepared for your latitude. Its possible to adjusts about 300km in North South direction, máximum of 600km but in this case it’s does not look good (because the angle is to forced).
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