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NGC6960 Veil Nebula 10 June 2022

First Light with my anti LED street light weapon, the L-Extreme. 

Not great but I'm happy for 28 mins of data. The sky was predicted to be clear from midnight, however clouds filled the sky until 0130. I had some issues with APT (also a first for me) for some reason new images from my 600d stopped showing in APT window. I was building up exposure time till I could see the veil and histogram was off the left. Because it seemed to be stuck on an image from a short exposure, I ended up at 5 mins with no nebula showing. Confused I disconnected my camera and sure enough images as short as 2 mins showed the veil. I played with the exposures with the camera disconnected settling for 4 mins at iso1600. Reconnected the camera and ran the sequence from APT, again new images didn't show. In hind sight I should have restarted APT but at 2am my head wasn't thinking straight. 

I got 7x 4min lights at iso1600 before daylight lit the sky. 

4 x 4 min darks 

15x 1 second flats

15x 1 second dark flats( again another first, dark flats instead of bias)

Most definatly a target I want a lot more time on, and some practice with APT before I do. 

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