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Lunar mid region (Ptolemaeus rim shadows)
© D Elijah
Credit D Elijah

Lunar mid region (Ptolemaeus rim shadows)


Date: 27/10/2017

Video recording taken from Affetside (just north of Bury), I get a good southern horizon and no houses causing unwanted air turbulence. Wind was still, no clouds and the seeing was OK.

Telescope: SW 150mm F12 Mak-Cass. With a Baader fringe killer filter.

Mount: SW EQ5 pro with extension pillar.

Camera: Canon EOS 550D in 60 frames/s movie crop mode, ISO 400, exposure 1/60s. I took 3 minute recordings (10800 frames).

Processing: Movies were initially processed in Pipp, keeping the best 2000 frames and decompressing them. The decompressed frames were then passed to Registax aligned using 100 points. The best 90% of the frames (using the Registergraph) were kept and stacked. The final image was enhanced by amplifying the first three wavelets by 50, 10, and 2 respectively. Drizzle 2x was also used.

Comments: My favourite capture of the night, the rime shadows on Ptolemaeus really came out well. Also the crater floor must be following the curvature of the moon and shadow gradually deepens the further west (up) you look. I have included a sharper (but noisier) image as well.





D Elijah


© D Elijah

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