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[WIP] NGC7000 North American Nebula and Pelican


After a long summer then a poor combination of either full moon or cloud, I finally got to set up last night. It probably took me over 2 hours to get everything set up. Even a few months break meant I'd forgotten almost everything (to be fair, I didn't have the new mount for long before the summer started).

For whatever reason, I could not get drift aligning to work in PHD2. Entirely user problem through lack of use. I think I had SGPro and PHD2 fighting to control the mount so I need to update my workflow to only use one or the other at a time. It was the same for guiding. PHD2 seemed to be having fits until I realised SGPro had parked the scope and would not release control to PHD2 to guide. Once I realised, and managed PHD2 from within SGPro everything started to work for a while.

I only managed 6x240s Ha images at unity gain with the ZWO ASI1600M as guiding went crazy again and would not settle. As there was starting to be a heavy dew and clouds were forecast for within the hour I called it a night and treated this as a test run :)

So, with only minimal processing, no flat calibration (will do that once I have collected more subs) and a test of some localised contrast enhancement (still not sure I like it) here's the start of what hopefully will be a productive autumn imaging.


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Lovely image Ken, can't wait to see the final image :)  and what a coincidence, I done the exact same image last night :) 

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