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Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)


 In 2017 I went through a major upgrade of my imaging equipment and moved from a SW NEQ6/SW ED 80 to a SW Esprit 150/10micron GM1000HPS combination. In the course of testing my new mount in unguided mode I took some M51 Lum test shots at 600 and 1800s with the Esprit 150. Rather than waste this data I decided to see if I could use it to try to improve an Ha + LRGB image that I had acquired in 2016 with my NEQ6/ED 80 combination.

Since I've never tried to blend data from two difference telescopes, I decided to take the lower resolution post processed Ha + LRGB image and to treat it as "RGB" data (this image can be seen in my gallery Deep Sky II M51 reprocessed).  I then took the higher resolution Lum data that I had acquired with the Esprit 150 and used this as a Luminosity layer within PS (I aligned the Lum and "RGB" data via Registar). After a little processing in Pixinsight and PS I got the above result.  

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Deep Sky III

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amazing image - the LP around me effectively masks the fainter details, even after 25 hours of exposure.

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2 hours ago, buzz said:

amazing image - the LP around me effectively masks the fainter details, even after 25 hours of exposure.

Thanks :hello:

I'm somewhat fortunate that I live in a very low light pollution area, not quite a dark site, but close.  I've also found that my new imaging set up (Esprit 150 on a GM1000HPS) at 0.7 arc seconds/pixel seems to be delivering the detail. I was a little dubious that 0.7 was going to be too low but it seems that the seeing where I image from is a little better than I thought.


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