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Lunar terminator 08/03/2017 (9 day Moon)
© D Elijah
Credit D Elijah

Lunar terminator 08/03/2017 (9 day Moon)


This was first images session for a long time and I felt a bit out of practice.  The Moon was about 9 days old the terminator extended from north to south from the north pole near Anaxagoras/Goldschmidt down past the Sinus Iridium (with it's walls just on the terminator) and Mare Imbrium to Oceanus Procellarum with Montes Carpatus (Kepler is yet to be revealed). The terminator then passes the Mare Humorum but the great multi-walled Gassendi only shows the very tip of it's inner peak and outer walls. The terminator then goes south to the sharply defined craters Hainzel and Mee. Schiller is barely illuminated showing only the highest parts of its crater walls. The terminator finally moves on to the far southern region with my favourite crater Clavius. Interestingly there are lots of far southern craters almost reaching the pole including Morelus, Short and Newton.

Telescope: SW 150mm F12 Mak-Cass. With a Baader fringe killer filter.

Camera: Canon EOS 550D in 60 frames/s movie crop mode, ISO 100, exposure 1/100s. I took 3 minute recordings for each image (10800 frames).

Processing: Movies were initially processed in Pipp, keeping the best 2000 frames and decompressing them. The decompressed frames were then passed to Registax aligned using 100 points. The best 90% of the frames (using the Registergraph quality measure) were kept and stacked. The final image was enhanced by amplifying the first three wavelets by 80, 20, and 5 respectively. The Gamma was increased to 1.2.

Comments: As before I noticed the performance of the scope increasing as it cooled down. My plan was to do 60fps videos for about 1 hour and then take hundreds of stills to process whole hemispheres of the Moon. I checked my focusing every 30 minutes but once the scope cooled to ambient the focus understandably stayed constant.

As for my stills, I took over 500 of them. However I am having trouble processing them. The only way I can get them through Registax is to convert them to jpgs which lowers the quality. I am trying pngs instead and till try to upload something soon.


D Elijah


© D Elijah

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