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Jupiter gif (09/03/2017)
© D Elijah
Credit D Elijah

Jupiter gif (09/03/2017)

GIF made of two images taken about 13 mins apart (00:30 and 00:43 on 09/03/2017). I wanted to catch the Europa transit but cloud scuttled my plans. My best image of Jupiter yet...I will next see what happens when I add my Teleview 2x Barlow to the mix! I haven;t been that impressed with the Barlow in the past but that was before I realised the the telescope needed more than 1 hour to properly cool down.

Telescope: SW Skymax 150 (F/D = 12) Focal length 1800mm.

Camera and optical accessories: Canon 550D in 640X480 movie crop mode, ISO 200, exposure 1/100s. A Baader fringe killer was added to reduce any CA.


Initial frame decompression and quality sorting was done in Pipp. I retain the best 3000 frames from about 3 mins of data (10800 frames in total) and disable the auto-centering function (this causes conflicts with Registax).

In Registax, I use around 13 align points and stack using the registergraph. I stack only frames that make it past the best 90% in the registergraph. I then increased the first 3 wavelets to around 75% and the last wavelets to around 50%. I use RGB align estimate to remove residual CA and increased gamma to 1.2.


D Elijah


© D Elijah
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