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Eagle Nebula - M16 Reprocessed
© Mariusz Goralski

Eagle Nebula - M16 Reprocessed


On 7th August 2015 I setup the scope and started imaging the Cat's Paw nebula, when I checked on the system 30 minutes later I was DISSAPONTED to find that clouds rolled in... I waited for the clouds to clear but no luck... While I was waiting for the clouds to clear before packing up I decided to reprocess my M16 data that I captured across 7 nights in June and July.


Here are the reprocessed images... I'm quite happy with these seeing that the data was captured through Baader Ha, SII and OIII filters on a full spectrum modded uncooled Canon 40D, nights are quite cool tho, about the 6 degree C mark so I guess that helped.


I concentrated on lowering the amount of purple halos around stars and attempted to preserve maximum detail, the purple halos are still there but not as severe as in the first version.


I still have a bit of noise/grain in these images, but when I ran the noise reduction filter I started to lose detail, and the level adjustment that the detail wasn't effected too much the amount of noise reduction was not worth changing. I think this was the best balance between noise and detail.


© Mariusz Goralski

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