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Here's my finished fully processed Narrow band image of NGC 2244 Rosette Nebula! Here I stacked the Hydrogen -alpha together with each of the Sodium 2, and Oxygen 3 stacked images. Then I've had to make layer masks, vector masks adjusted the levels and curves, Added the Guassin Blur on certain areas of the nebula and certain areas of High pass sharpening in the centre parts of the nebula, Overall 11 layers and masks and huge amount of data of 880 mb of the tiff image!! My computer was starting to blow up! Couldn't handle some of the data kept on crashing!! But I managed to pull off beautiful image which I had to convert it to a PNG which still reduce to a mere 49.3mb! Still this Narrowband processing is Ninja to do!! I everyone finally managed to have clear skies! So thought it could be an idea to test out my Narrowband filters with the QHY 9 and 115mm Triplet refractor!! And I achieved 6x 10mins in the H-Alpha, Sodium 2 and Oxygen 3. To produce a reasonable first Narrowband image of NGC 2244 Rosette Nebula ( By the way is extremely large and I've just managed to fit in the QHY9 Kodak chip!! I reckon haven't not done bad, but the Narrowband stacking, aligning and even processing is even more difficult than LRGB imaging! It's a very different ball game with this type of imaging!!


© M Pyott

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