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Had these left over at the end, not sure what they are?

From the album:

150pds & Heq5 Unboxing

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They are for adjusting the latitude on the mount, I believe. Or maybe they are spare ones. Don't use them to move the mount, move the mount head to the correct latitude by hand first (it will be front-heavy, so be careful) then screw these in to lock it in position. Think of them as locking bolts and not adjusting bolts, as they have a reputation of bending easily if forced against a heavy mount.

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Jonathan is right , I can see in the fully assembled photo the threaded hole where one of these go , above the hand controller in the center of the lower portion of the mount ( just above the 2 tripod legs where they join the mount ) screw 1 in that hole and the other goes 180 degrees around to the other side ( below the counter weights )

Nice set up .


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Oh yes I forgot , the differance in lengths is for setting the latitude scale ( to your latitude ), try one and if there is lots of thread left then try the shorter 1 in the same hole , a little experimenting is needed . The differant lengths allow a wide range of latitudes to be reached normally 5 degrees to about 85 degrees . You will be in there somewhere unless you live on the equator or the poles .

I live at 12 degrees south here in Darwin .


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