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lock clutch to body

Andy McK

From the album:

Tal 2 EQ Mount setting circles

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The pedestal sleeve is a bit different to mine. Looks a tad longer. Once the locking grub screws on it are removed, does the screw off or slip off? Mine is a slip fit, but I've heard older MT-2C's screwed on.

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As in, does the mount drop into the pier? yup, slip fit.

Pain I found, when polar alignin' I get Polaris bang on, nip up the locking screws, but because the "V" in the pedistal bit is not "on center" as u tighen up, az drifts off a bit, so u have to allow for it. "guess"

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Ah sorry, understand what you mean by the 'V'. The machined V groove round the cirumference.

You can just make out the ribbed RA wheel in the above shot.

If the weather holds up, I'm going to try out the polar scope bodge. Do you know if tiny 'H' shaped aluminium is available. Would be less hastle(and more accurate) than cutting & screwing together two bits of channel together.

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