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Another World - The other end of the technical spectrum

Another World - The other end of the technical spectrum
I named this album 'Another World' because to me, these shots look like something from another world!! I know these pictures have nothing to do with astro imaging...however in terms of technical setup they are very similar and you encounter similar problems. Only difference being is, they are at the other end of the spectrum. ie ultra quick shutter speeds ranging from 1/2000th to 1/4000th of a second. The same issues apply in trying to capture enough light in a given exposure, in this case its catching enough light in such a quick time frame rather than a long one. Only way i could do it with relative success was by using direct sunlight and some carefully positioned mirrors. I did try it with 4x 500w halogen lamps!!!...but i still wasnt capturing enough light!! Anyway, after 3 weeks, hours and hours of setting up, staging and working out...not to mention the several thousand shots... these are what i managed to achieve...though they are still far from perfect and still very much 'a work in progress'. Any help and advice is more than welome.
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15 images

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