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  2. Ibbo!

    M53 RGB

    Thanks. I think i could do with more subs on this.
  3. The mount-head is done for the most part; just a few odds and ends to which to tend... ...like clamp-screws for the saddle, a lock-nut for the latitude bolt, a lock-washer or other for the latitude-clamp; little things like that. My, it certainly is a diminutive, li'l darling... Incidentally, that Coke can is two years out of date, and it seemed swollen a bit, so I took it outside and threw it up into the air onto the road, then threw it in the bin. I didn't want it to explode one night whilst I slept. Now I don't have me prop. Today, I'm working on my legs... I have to get those cut-outs just right, and then epoxy that .010"-thick brass over each, a total of six. I may apply something or other over the outsides as well, and to further strengthen the wood there, since it's now thinner. I wonder if I should dye the legs first before applying the brass...
  4. tooth_dr

    M53 RGB

    Nice. Just had to click this as M53 isn’t one of the more familiar Messiers
  5. Today
  6. It was an absolutely gorgeous day today so I had to come back for more. The full disc image requires the use of a 0.5x reducer. I also wanted to see about getting a higher resolution image without the reducer. I had planned on creating a mosaic, but couldn't quite get it to work out. Still pleased with what I got though, especially considering there's some activity going on right now. I can tell in the full disc image I had a bit of tilt on the camera. Have to keep an eye out for that next time. Enjoy!
  7. Star Adventurer, Canon DSLR - Williams Optics ZS61 Telescope ;; I am getting double and treble joined up stars when imaging when imaging only at 60 seconds. I have carefully balanced the Mount and Scope and polar lined well. I have been advised that it is cable snagging but I have no cables. Ive tried various movements of the weights and scope, It is a heavy duty Tripod , weighted and on anti vibration mounts, It is though the mount is badly tracking and taking multi shots joined together, My 2 test images are a full one and it zoomed shot at 45o alt East. Am I asking too much from this mount, I would like to track at 2 mins
  8. Ibbo!

    M53 RGB

    4 x 30 secs each RGB 200mm Meade SCT and QSI cam
  9. This is something I agree with keeping in mind. I think I mostly observe as follows... ST120 60x to 100x VX14 106x to 184x The magnifications are chosen for being good in most seeing conditions, good on many targets, and mean it's relatively easy to track targets.
  10. The "stack" gets quite tall when you Powermate a longer FL eyepiece This can have it's uses though
  11. Another Ha image from January/February. I didn't really have a plan when I started; collected about 7 hours of H S & O data for the central region, and then thought I'd experiment with the mosaic planner in SGP splitting the nebula in half, top and bottom, and captured another hour of Ha for each section (hence top and bottom edges are more noisy). I've stitched it all together with Astro Pixel Processor, which has blended it together nicely but seems to have warped the frames a bit so the stars haven't stacked very well in the centre resulting in what looks like a bit of trailing which isn't in the original data. Need to play with the settings some more or try a mosaic with already stacked frames. Will create a version with the S and O data at a later date. Integration ~4.6 hours Subs 5 minutes @ Gain 300 with the ASI 1600mm @ -20C Star 71, AZ-EQ5 Re sampled to 50%
  12. Do any of you guys have any preference between the standard filer housing and the QRO version? The claim is that the QRO reduces reflections, have any of you suffered from this? what sort of optics are most likely to be affected by reflection issues?
  13. Yesterday
  14. John, thanks mate, just sent you thanks in PM, Regards, Tom.
  15. Ahh, sorry I mistakenly thought you were trying to load a custom tour. Michael
  16. Hi, Grumpy, Looking back at the answers, particularly the mount (AZ4) you are considering, I guess the 102ED is as good an option as any - ok weight wise and particularly if you go for the FPL53 model a beautifully crisp contrasty image. I have an older good quality 4" refractor, admittedly a triplet, but although I don't do much visual these days, always enjoy it on those rare occasions. Maybe you are a purist, but I see there is a wi-fi GOTO version of the AZ4. To be fair, you may not have a smart phone (I'm still a dinosaur!) but if you do that looks like a good price. And if you've never used GOTO you'd be amazed at how much time it saves. Indeed when I first went GOTO I was living in a light polluted environment, but I was then able to observe targets which previously I'd had great difficulty in finding due to the lack of easily visible guide stars. Sorry to see you have had rib damage. Hope it's not too bad - I've been there, twice, four broken the second time! But they do usually fully heal after a few months. Cheers, Peter
  17. Just getting silly. So connected it all today in the living room all fine found qhy cam created dark all good . Took it out tonight laptop cant find camera and wouldn't control mount so restarted a couple of times change cables and nowt response then clouds decided to roll in .so I'm now all packed up and inside having a cuppa.
  18. Hi, iOptron's CEM 120EC and EC2 do NOT have absolute encoders. They have incremental encoders and a homing system which is quite reliable to set it into the zero position and from there start again. A power outage does not matter as the last position is always remembered. In regards to unguided imaging I dare to say that it is wishful thinking. OK, with encoders, be it absolute or incremental the mounts point always to the coordinates you made the GoTo, but, does the object remain there or does it wander due to refraction, thermal currents, not perfect Polar Alignment (which from my point of view is impossible to achieve) etc. So guiding is IMHO necessary but with encoders guiding becomes easier. I have two CEM 120EC2 mounts and a lot of hours with them under dark sky and I dare to say Unguided imaging over 2 or 30 minutes are wishful thoughts. Too many variables in that time lapse. 300 and at utmost 600 second images unguided are possible but not at 2400 mm focal length. I image with 999 mm and 3200 mm on my CEM 120 EC2. regards Rainer as always just IMHO and YMMV PS Are two encoders worth it ? Yes and for the price of the CEM 120 EC2 even more. In 5 - 7 years when there is a new iOptron CEM 120XXX or even a CEM 240XXX the money you did not spent today will be a good reserve to get the newest one in the future ...
  19. Our club thread has been open nearly a year now.
  20. Gradient exterminator is a plugin for Photoshop by Russell Croman. Well worth getting if you are using photoshop. Carole
  21. Nice Vic. Long time since I've seen it through my scope. Used a nice pair of apm binos (i think as it was dark ) at galloway and it was small but nice in those.
  22. 50 pages and that picture makes it worth it! Clouds aside, you must be chuffed!
  23. Last bump before being withdrawn next week.
  24. Last bump before being withdrawn.
  25. To test, it’s on an extension lead The idea is to sent the power from a socket in the warm side, into the scope rooms dividing wall cavity. The led string then runs most of the perimeter, as I got a 10m length, in recessed aluminium profile with a frosted cover I'm intending to sheet the scope side, so the profile should sit along the top of the lower panel 1.22m off the floor - which reminds me, I must order more plywood!
  26. Also, maybe this should be another thread, the max elevation setting would be very useful as I have a Crayford and 2" diagonal but whatever number I enter I there just results in a beep and back to 0?
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