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  2. And just to confirm guys, I tell my partner that these cost £25.00, right ?
  3. RowlandA

    Best autofocus software?

    You might try contacting Leo, he has written custom extensions for these guys: https://www.masterdarks.com/sc-observatory/ They run a multi-scope wide field array with Voyager. Looks from the picture to have four tubes and I would assume four focusers but I don't know the details. Andy is one of the SC Observatory guys and his handle on the Voyager forum is macnmotion or you could use the contact form from the masterdarks.com site. Andy offered to add documentation for the array management extensions to the Wiki, but they're not up yet. Another option I'm aware of to run three scopes at once is Prism. The advanced version claims to do this, but I don't know if the ASCOM driver limitation would keep that from working. Sounds like a potential problem with any automation software unless it talks directly to the focuser and bypasses ASCOM. Good luck with it!! Rowland
  4. T.B.H. the everbrite should last you a lifetime if well looked after. Always put dust caps on when not in use.
  5. Great. Thanks again all for taking the time to advise and help, much appreciated. Off now to surf the web and find some bargains !!!
  6. Star101

    Free Kindle Astronomy book

    Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  7. sooo i jumped into Sky Map and it showed me that the moon was located very close to Orion...I got very excited as i have been looking towards finding orion and looking at the great nebula in its belt. After some searching i couldn't seem to find orion, so i hopped inmy second app for stargazing , skysafari, it showed me a completely different sky map and the moon was nowhere near orion. Can somebody please explain? Also i have had some trouble finding orion.. and yes i am getting "turn left at orion" in a few weeks time.i cant seem to find it even tho people say its visible (i live in chios greece) thanks kronos
  8. Peter Drew

    Telescope Nr.1 For You,

    Although I have many telescopes, some very large, my No1 telescope is my 6" solar telescope. Solar observation is currently my No1 interest and it is the telescope that gets most use.
  9. teoria_del_big_bang

    Free Kindle Astronomy book

    Yes thanks for that Steve
  10. bob-c

    MOON ON 16th and 17th.

    Hi everyone, Thought that I would try to get some practice on the moon these last couple of days ready for the eclipse. My first pic is done with a 30% stack of 1000 PNG 'S . My second pic, I did a bit of an experiment to see if I could show up the star Aldebaran as the moon was in the Hyades star cluster on the 17th, so I imaged it in HA. It is a 5% stack out of 331 frames, SER file format. Scope WO STAR71...Camera ZWO ASI 1600MC-C.. Bob..
  11. I had a very similar problem with my new 130EQ some years ago when I first got back into astronomy. I bought a cheshire but found the collimation cap worked just as well and was simpler so I wouldn't bother with one.The secondary adjustment was a pain not helped by the fact that the focuser tube was not running true because a couple of the teflon guides were out of place. I pretty much had to start from scratch, like yourself, getting the mirror position correct and then fine adjusting it. but it got sorted in the end, just taking it a step at a time. Once the secondary was good the primary is easy. I centre spotted the primary OK using the paper method. Fortunately once the collimation is sorted the 130EQ holds it pretty well, just the occasional tweak on the primary.
  12. Plane38

    Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 Info

    My profile photo is from the penumbral phase of the September 2015 eclipse. I've always liked lunar eclipses because they were a springboard for my interest in astronomy - I can remember my Grandad telling me about the one in October 1986 when I was only six years old! Weather looking so-so here for Monday morning but at least there's a nice partial lunar eclipse in July to look forward to if it's cloudy.
  13. jetstream

    Optolong Filter

    Avoid them IMHO. Buy an Astronomik.
  14. Wyvern

    Free Kindle Astronomy book

    Cheers for that "heads up". Good, easy read so far. Many thanks Les
  15. Thanks Dave, I've adjusted the levels a couple of times and it begins to show the dust motes and some gradient but not the doughnuts. Here is the result as a PNG: Not sure if it helps.
  16. Scooot

    Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 Info

    28 September 2015, I looked up some images the other day. About 3 in the morning I think from memory, it was great throughout.
  17. Mick J

    Free Kindle Astronomy book

    Yes a good find, I have been dipping in and out of it, easy to read and some very good illustrations. From OpenStax and a PDF is available if you don't want an ibook/kindle also the opportunity to read online.
  18. Yes they sell an adaptor. Although I use a standard 2inch to 1.25 adaptor.
  19. Great, thanks again guys. The thing I am seeing with the Tele Vue is that it comes in a couple of models, 2" or 1.25".. or is that me reading it wrong ? If I am reading it correctly, is there an adapter I can get for the 2" model at all ?
  20. Looking for people's thoughts on televues 2 inch x2 powermate vs explore scientific 2 inch x2 focal extender.
  21. LiveTelescope

    Telescope Nr.1 For You,

    this is my saturn video and photo https://youtu.be/whM40ob2Wrk thank-you-(>^,^<) TRAILER dr.wmv
  22. Before converting it to jpg ( don't do that anyway save it as PNG ) in P'Shop do Ctrl L to bring up a window then move the central slider to lighten the image, OK and repeat a few time until you can see more, you can move the left hand slider in the darken the background but don't go past the side of the histogram. Dave
  23. djpaul

    Televue 2 inch powermate wanted

    Also now considering an explore scientific 2 inch 3 x focal extender if anyone has one for sale.
  24. Thanks for your responses so far. I'm not sure how to do a simple stretch. But here is a single sub opened in FITS Liberator, saved as a TIFF and then converted to jpg in Photoshop. I've cooked the desication tablets in the over (200C for 90 minutes) I can't find anywhere to buy new ones. The image is from a mono camera. In startools It was binned 50% and cropped before wiping. I'll try to get some flats done over the weekend (we will have visitors so I may have to wait till next week) and see what difference that makes. Thanks again
  25. https://www.telescopehouse.com/televue-everbrite-diagonal-2.html
  26. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075FG4KTK Not had a chance to look at it properly other than to check that it is what is says it is but looks promising
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