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  2. Gosh the tumbleweed is indeed evident on this Club site which is a shame- maybe all the astronomers in northern cumbria have been hunted to near extinction- never fear once this perfidious lockdown has ended I will sally forth to seek out and explore strange new sites and boldy go where no newbie astronomer has gone before (obviously in Cumbria)........que the music!! I know I know I have issues lol J
  3. Hey Fellow Cumbrians 2 new members in a week- can this group survive the excitement? lol- Hello guys/gals and those who are not so sure.... new to this game and thought I would poke my nose in and stir the silt... Obviously with the nasty C we are not able to actually gather in geeky groups , let alone look in one another's finders. So where do the faithful go to ply their secret pastime locally other than behind closed doors or gardens? I find we are luckier than most with fairly low bortle skies within striking distance - so come on spill the beans suggest where I can go within
  4. hi there kev here from north west cumbria is anyone going after the moon and Saturn tonight ..
  5. DW you will have decent skies too then! David
  6. HI I am in Cumbria north of Brampton near Roadhead.
  7. Yes I am out here!! Lol I live in Greysouthen about 15 miles from you! David
  8. I set up early, then had to bring my soaked scope and mount in. Now I see I should have just covered it... the rain has headed east instead of keeping coming for me.
  9. Just set up here (first time in weeks) under a beautifully clear and dark sky, only for some clouds to come scudding across just as I start gathering subs. Guide star lost, along with my patience and enthusiasm. Have now gone back into the warm and stuck In The Shadow Of The Moon on the DVD player. Ho hum...
  10. Clear as a bell here despite a forecast saying the opposite ? If tomorrow does what it says on the tin, it's Ice Giant Night.
  11. That’s just as bad Ian. Looks like we’re both out of luck tonight! Stephen
  12. Haha, that’s always the way. I happen to be visiting my Mum in Northern Ireland and the skies are currently clear. Only problem being that I have no equipment, not even binos. It’s all at home?
  13. I’ve just noticed this Social Group on the Forum and was wondering if there were many other Cumbrians members. It would be great if we could get this social group going, with the possibility of the occasional ‘meet ups’. Although we live in a great county for dark skies, there does not seem too many Astonomy clubs and organisations to share ideas, learning, etc. I’m very new to the hobby, so meeting, chatting and occasionally meeting with like-minded locals would, I feel help me enjoy this hobby even more. Is there anyone out there?
  14. Well, after a lovely clear day here on the Cumbrian coast and the forecast of a clear night sky, it has clouded over!!! I had my Telescope and all it’s bits and pieces ready to set up, camera batteries charged, power bank charged, all my warm clothing ready to put on, but.... Ah well, I suppose that’s the downside of the hobby. Never mind the forecast for Sunday night looks promising - fingers crossed.
  15. Hello Members If you look at the membership you will see that I am classed as the 'owner' and 'leader' Clearly it would be better for a local member to take on the role? Can you advise me if you wish to take on this role. Mark
  16. You may have noticed that we have created a new heading, above the banner, called 'Clubs'. The plan is to move all the existing social groups and observatories to this new area. Currently there are 17 different groups some more active than others. You need to advise me, in this thread, whether you wish your social group to be moved, otherwise the group will be closed and archived. I look forward to hearing from someone within group for us to take necessary admin action.
  17. Hi,there is a fair few of us who pass Carlise at least wice a year to attend the Galloway Star party. A freindly bunch and dark site. Check out Galloway spring party in Febuary in events section. Kenny
  18. Hi all, Just wanted to let members of the Group know that there is a thriving and very busy AS here in Kendal - the Eddington Astronomical Society. Formed in 2004 for the Venus Transit, and named in honour of Kendal-born astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington, we now have around 60 members and meet on the first Monday of every month in Kendal Museum. We have a very busy programme of events - guest speakers, society and public observing evenings (often at the popular Brewery Arts Centre in town), lectures etc, and everyone in the Group would be very welcome to join us, either as a member, if you're l
  19. Hi all I live in Carlisle and I am looking to talk to and meet fellow astronomers from Cumbria. Star gazing can be lonely on your own. If you live in Cumbria please get in touch.
  20. Just noticed this thread is old, but nevertheless I'll post this. I used to be a member of Border Astronomical Society. They have a website, link below. They lost a few of the older members as age started to make it difficult for some to travel, They were from Rural regions, and South Scotland. The Observatory they run, is in the grounds of Trinity School Carlisle, and it houses a 16" f6 Newtonian reflector. The Telescope is mounted in a Fork, surmounting a Polar disc, which is friction driven by a geared stepper motor system. Unfortunately, It is not accurate enough for Deep Sky Imaging, bu
  21. I too are having new street lighting installed in my street without public consultation by the local council. I phoned them on Thursday, (23.10.2014). The person whom I spoke to, told me that they will be full cut-off lights with auto-dim after midnight. I told him that if I am not a happy-bunny I would be complaining to him. He told me he would listen . One streetlight in particular was replaced about a year ago at the end of a footpath. I told him the reflection off a brick wall is a bit harsh. He said would look into getting it capped.. At last, some council lighting officers in England do
  22. Had the same problem here.The street light they installed, was a lot taller.It was like a search light, in the living room.Got on to the council,& they installed a defuser,& a shield on the light.What a difference. Sometimes, it does pay to complain. Steve
  23. At the back of me there a couple of sodium lights, one of them really annoys me, earler this year the one closest to me 'went on the blink' (yay) and it did improve my observing (whether this was in my mind or not is up for debate), as i've read the article i thought that maybe it would not be repaired but replace....pfft it has and it now annoys me more than ever .
  24. Thanks Blazar for the heads up (even though it took me months to notice!!). I was wondering when it might happen - although there doesn't seem to have been any visible moves on consultation. However I know CCC and others sometimes run mystifyingly quiet consultations!! Where I live on the edge of a small town the mist can roll in from the fields and quite thin amounts can cause an orange glow. And even though we have more areas around the towns with little local light you still get a lot of glow spreading out from the towns so fingers crossed things improve (and without the localised effects
  25. I moved into a new build house late last year and they have just been around to install the first part of the street lighting. I now have a street light along the garden wall and whilst the light does point downward, it is in a cone so the light spreads into our garden. It is very strong, so once the light is on you cant stand out in the garden and look in the direction of the light at all. It also bleeds into the conservatory/kitchen area so badly that it looks like there is a light on in the conservatory. I'm currently inquiring about having a rear shield put on it, even if I didn't own a te

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