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  2. You may have noticed that we have created a new heading, above the banner, called 'Clubs'. The plan is to move all the existing social groups and observatories to this new area. Currently there are 17 different groups some more active than others. You need to advise me, in this thread, whether you wish your social group to be moved, otherwise the group will be closed and archived. I look forward to hearing from someone within group for us to take necessary admin action.
  3. still active? I'm in East Leicester (Thurnby lodge) just asking...I'm a bit of a loner at the moment ?
  4. Hi all, We are still very much an active group but run through a Google Plus group. If you are in the Leicester, Northampton, Coventry areas and would like to join, PM me. Simon
  5. Updated and improved (hopefully!). Not quite there but getting better. Simon
  6. I added to my bookmark, I'll come back when there is more content but it looks good so far
  7. The new website for Central Midlands Stargazers is up & running so a big thanks goes to Paul for sorting it out. There will be more stuff that will be added to it soon. http://centralmidlandstargazers.com/
  8. It's just something I dug up off youTube Lenny by Zach Capner & it's called Space Station-2735, there's some right weird stuff on there you can add to videos lol.
  9. nice one Tich , who is the sound track ????? Lenny
  10. I have to say that we've had a good 3 nights out last week although I did suffer on Wednesday at work as i was a little bit tired. This is a video fo what I managed to image whilst I was there I did NGC3184, The Leo triplet M51 & Jupiter plus I made up a couple of timelapses of Friday & Saturday nights event. Saturday I ended up being there for over 8 hours. Hope to see you all there next time :-)
  11. I've been going there at almost ever opportunity when clear skies have allowed, it's good to be able to look through other folks scopes too as well as do a spot of imaging good company too.
  12. I am a member of this very friendly group and I can certainly endorse the dark site activities I have been to.
  13. Hi all, We are now called Central Midlands. Stargazers and as Andy says very active and increasingly so. We now run a Community in Google Plus rather than a Yahoo Group as that was getting rather flakey. You need an invite to join but don't let that put you off. We are an open and very welcoming group! We have non experienced members as well as some more experienced ones. Please do not hesitate to PM me if you would like an invite. Simon
  14. Noticed the section was a little quiet of late so just a note to say The Central Midlands Stargazers (New name of this group) is still actively observing from our darksite (No cost) and all are welcome. Leave a message here or - Visit our website - http://www.centralmidlandsstargazers.com/ or Yahoo group - http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/CentralMidlandsStargazers/ We don't bite and as said are very active observers. Andy
  15. It was quite light when I arrived, closely followed by Tich at about 10pm. I do like being in the open air at dusk and then watching the stars pop out as the night draws in. It's free and can be done without any observing equipment at all apart from your eyes. I started on Venus which was visible to the naked eye and was about 3/4 full in my 32mm Panaview. When I tried to swap lenses to get a higher magnification, it had disappeared from view behind some trees. Saturn, followed and, considering how light it was, the seeing was clear, banding could be made out on Saturn's surface and the Cassin
  16. Hiya Dave and thank you. it was a good nights observing, Hopefully you can make the next one.
  17. H Shaun Good report, I missed a good night observing by the sound of it . I didn't get the emails till yesterday so was unaware there was a meet Hope to see you soon
  18. Thank you Michael It looked fine to me, its probably because i cut and pasted it from an email, I will have to remember in future
  19. Nice report. I just changed the colour of the text to "automatic" as I at first could not read it (black on a dark grey background).
  20. Hiya Andy, I am looking forward to meeting a few others,it certainly makes it more interesting when you have a choice of scopes to look through and share thoughts etc .... It could also save you quite a bit of lolly if you can try out equipment and make sure it is what your expecting
  21. Glad you had a good night, it is the best way to enjoy Stargazing. Hopefully meet you guys next time out.
  22. Thank you Dave . The double cluster is one of my favourites, I often wonder how many stars they contain I agree it would be good to meet more of the group.
  23. Yes Shaun, for my first night of scoping away from my back garden I could not have asked for a better experience in both viewing and company. Once I'd found it(!) I thought the Double Cluster was particularly stunning (which is why I stayed on it for so long!) The evening has really shown me how much a beginner can learn just through sharing some time with more experienced astronomers. I look forward to our next opportunity to get together at the dark sky site and perhaps meet more of the group. Dave Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF700T using Tapatalk HD

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