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  2. Cheers Dave .. if im honest i would rather keep the scope indoors , but it needs its own space , so thats what its getting , and at least being outside , so to speak , it will "cool down " that little bit quicker
  3. wow thats might impressive Stu, the base is heavy isnt it, thats the bit i struggle carrying, let me know how you get on collimating it, i haven't attempted it yet i only have a 35mm film case cap, your scope looks awesome, good luck with the shed and good luck gazing, i was hoping to tonight, but im feeling a bit under the weather today,excuse the pun, best wishes from me
  4. Dave , ive ordered an plastic shed /cupboard to store the scope in , and all my accessories .. it will arrive tomorrow... im hoping to use the scope for the first time tonight .. i might attempt to collimate it first lol .. but i might have to collimate the laser . Nobody said it was easy , as the song goes .
  5. I know how you feel Stu lol my mrs has calmed down now but the scope is stuck behind my chair by the kitchen.absolutely knackered me out the other night down 2 flights of stairs. Im looking at a zoom eyepiece god theres so much accessorry porn lol. Good luck with the gazing.im hoping to get out in the garden tomorrow to bit alot of light off the walls and flats but its a start as u fumble around .all the best mate.
  6. Well of course I am here mate ... I’ve got my scope soon and I’m really in the dog house tonight .. my scope is absolutely huge and I really don’t know where it’s going to go . At the moment it’s sitting next to me but I need to find it a home by tomorrow night lol ,.. not sure if there are any astronomy clubs where we are so it’s a good idea to start one . No clear skies tonight , so tomorrow I will use the scope for the first time , fingers crossed
  7. Hello all.just joined recently and not got a scope as of yet but im also from the Bishops stortford area.If anyone is still around on this old thread lol. Ive often wondered if Hatfield forest or pishobury park would be any good.if harlow is kept behind with scopes poiting east(ish) the sky should be fairly dark. Anyway hello from me and shame there isnt a local club.
  8. You may have noticed that we have created a new heading, above the banner, called 'Clubs'. The plan is to move all the existing social groups and observatories to this new area. Currently there are 17 different groups some more active than others. You need to advise me, in this thread, whether you wish your social group to be moved, otherwise the group will be closed and archived. I look forward to hearing from someone within group for us to take necessary admin action.
  9. Thought I'd bump up Jons thread....anyone else close to bishops Stortford ?
  10. There is a very active Sandy group now. Have a look for them on Facebook.
  11. Now that the autumn equinox has arrived it's time to think about stargazing again! A friend and I found a pretty dark site near Ivinghoe Beacon (a few miles from Tring) which is about 20 minutes drive. If anyone's interested just post here. Probably easiest to PM people as we tend to decide at short notice based on the likelihood of clear skies. Thanks, Thomas
  12. HERTFORD ASTRONOMY GROUP HAS MOVED (AGAIN!) The Club is still based in Welwyn Garden City, but due to the ongoing popularity of the club we have moved back to the Panshanger Golf Course for 2015/16. Panshanger golf club, Old herns lane, WGC AL7 2ED Please check the club website for further info. http://www.skiesunlimited.co.uk/HAG/ We're a friendly bunch - it'd be good to see you there!
  13. Hi, Sorry for the short notice. I think this talk looks really interesting so I'll hopefully go along this evening. Where: Welwyn Garden City Golf Club, Mannicotts, High Oaks Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 7BP When: Wednesday, 10 June, 8pm Star formation in our Galaxy Carla NatarioObservations at Infra-red and sub-millimetre wavelengths carried out with the JCMT and Herschel telescopes have revealed that the ISM in our Milky Way is highly organized in cold and dense filamentary structures. The most massive of these structures are believed to be the initial conditions of massive star and star cluster formation.
  14. Hi Grumpy Just seen your post I live Enfield so if you would like to meet up for a drink soon Wayne
  15. It has been a dream to meet with people who are interested in observing through a telescope.I live in Cheshunt Hertfordshire and wondered if there were others who would be interested in meeting up somewhere.I have a refractor and a Newtonian telescope and would be happy to bring one of them.Please get in touch. Martin.
  16. Shame I missed this post, would be great to meet others with the same interests.
  17. Come to think of it,Royston would be a good place to meet.There are some pubs there.They don't mind serving coffee .
  18. I live in Cheshunt and would like to meet up with people who are interested in astro observing and chats.I don't mind travelling up the A10 a little to meet up. Martin.
  19. Probably should add it is Sainsbury's at Stevenage North Jn of A1. Seems there are 2 in Stevenage,
  20. That is the problem, working out who might be relevant and identifing anyone. Saw someone in a star patterned onesie the other day, but there is a limit no matter what the excuse and that was beyoind it.
  21. you could take a 16" Dob in there , so you stand out a bit......
  22. Mentioned it previously but never happened. Tomorrow - Dec 13 - I will be in Stevenage Old Town and wondered if anyone wants to meet at Sainsbury's coffee shop. Very short notice, and it will have to be in the morning, thinking 11:00. But a chance to see who else is around that area. Suppose easy for people in Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth. Royston and Biggleswade are fairly easy - they are a pretty direct road trip of 10-12 miles. After that it gets a bit less easy for anyone, but as ever anyone's choice. Only "different" seats I have seen there (one visit) were some brown padded ones on the left, if vacant I will plonk myself there, but may be taken.

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