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Andromeda Finally Observed.




Something I've been trying to do for a while now.

Thanks to two really clear nights this weekend, I finally managed to find Andromeda in the scope. Just a smudge, but it still feels like an achievement, as its the first Galaxy I've spotted through my scope.

I realise I also need to be quick off the mark adjusting the focus for my camera, once i've spotted something with my 20mm lens.

I've now marked the focuser with felt pen, which speeds up camera focusing immensly.




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Well done Neil :-)

To focus the scope correctly I find a near bright star to the object and then fit a Bahtinov Mask, focus correctly, then go back to the object under study, the masks are cheap, and simple to use, guaranteed correct focus.


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Thanks for the comments everybody and the useful tip about focusing. I've never heard of a Bahtinov mask, I'll do some reading.


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I was also quite bewildered when I caught a glimpse of Andromeda. Most other galaxies are small smudges but this one was huge!


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