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Wednesday night attempt,100 stacked images.




Had a crack at Cygnus last night, took over an hour of 25sec images.

I think I might have had the ISO too low at 400, as a lot of the shots were ignored by Deep Sky Stacker.



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hi mate what a session i would have bumped the iso up and removed the color cast (the orange ) but its go in well i got a few last night but went pear shaped at one point but 100 pic a bet you was die in for the end ?did you stick some darks and bias in the mix get the iso up.take a couple at 800,1600 and go in te house and load them up see which ones are the best (800,0r 1600)i did 10 last night at 800x 35 secs might post them later but good session you had

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Thanks for the advice again and the rest of your comments.

I put 3 darks in and 3 flats. Still learning. Next time, I will bump up the ISO and try to remove the orange.


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hi its worth take ina few test shots with dif isos then get them on the pc before ya set the iso i always do as some times they may look good on the camera but not on the pc i did the same thing with m13 the other night 50 pics at 45 secs and they looked great on the camera but pants once put on the pc ,do not give up its all part of learning

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