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Awesome night :)




Been awhile since I posted here.. I've been pretty unlucky with availability and clear skies. However, tonight was awesome!! Totally clear skies, great visibility!!

Also, tonight was the first night I used my Ipad for stargazing. It was incredible. I just used the SkySafari 3 app which I bought for .99 and it was amazing.

Since I'm new to stargazing, I have trouble finding a lot of stars but not anymore! Skysafari has a built in compass so I can literally hold my Ipad up to the sky and find whatever I'm looking for! The night vision mode really helped keep my eyes adjusted and I can even search for a particular celestial object and it will point me right to it!

The only bummer is I really wish I had a telescope now. I can still see A LOT with just my eyes and an average pair of binos but it'd be nice to see some definition of stars/planets. I'd like to actually be able to discern Saturn from the stars around it by seeing it's rings :) Also, I'd like to see some star clusters and spiral galaxies...

But still, I spent an hour outside star gazing before I realized I should probably get ready work tomorrow!



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unfortunately no, i pretty much live in the middle of no where. but i'm moving to a decent sized city for grad school where I hope I can get more involved in astronomy!

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