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Amazing view of ISS





Just caught the ISS going over the UK.

Wasn't expecting it tonight, but saw it as I was just now watering the garden.

I ran upstairs and leaned out of the window with my Minocular.

As it's been such a beautiful clear day, I could see a bright shiny centre, and I believe I could make out the solar panels.

Another amazing sighting for me.

It lasted about 3 minutes. :)

No clouds tonight, looking forward to the best couple of hours observing this month, I hope.



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I'm happy for you! You seem to have seen more detail than I have so I'll be looking for another glimose real soon!


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good work. i was on a beach last night and the ISS first went past about 10pm, very clear and bright then it passed around 11ish but on a different path and not quite as bright. unfortunetly i didnt have a 'scope or bino's! was great to see as always though!


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Thanks Isabelle / Dave,

I grew up watching sci-fi movies with fantastic space stations such as in 2001 or Star Trek, so its fascinating for me to think of what we as a race have achieved with the Skylab, Mir and the ISS.

Next step, space tourism, hopefully in my lifetime, maybe.

On the other hand, maybe not such a fantasy... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12915976

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I grew up with Star Trek myself and look to today's technology in the same perspective. Ummmm,.. just let me know when the Klingons come around!


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