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new to astronomy




hi everyone. i have only within the last year got into astronomy. i have a celestron astromaster and a meade LX10 8". i have upto now learnt myself all i know as i have no friends who are into astronomy for advice. i have recently moved to newquay and would like to join an astronomy club to help me understand and learn my telescopes and the night sky.

please may someone be able to advise me of a club within the area which i can join to further my astro-knowledge!

many thanks,

dave. :)



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Hi Dave, like you, I have no friends who share the astronomy passion but you'll find much help and friends here! I wish I could help you with the clubs but I'm not from your region.


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no probs isabelle. i have scoured the region and found one only a few miles away which i am going to on friday night and hopefully ill be part of the club and my knowledge will soon rocket! :)

iv already noticed after only a couple of days that there are some very talented astronomers on here and i will be leeching as much info as humanly possible.

thanks for the thought1


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That's great Dave! I hope you have a great time Friday night and am looking forward to your posting of your experience!


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