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My Start to Astronomy




Hello all,

Since I'm home for the summer (i just graduated college, yay!!!) and have some nice free time I decided to try out the blogs on here :)

I'll sort of just go through my experiences as a beginner astronomer. I feel this will help me stay on track with starting astronomy and maybe someone will read it :P

So far, I haven't made much progress with actual star gazing, but I've done a lot of background stuff.

I've spent a lot of time reading forums on here :) I've researched telescopes and binoculars. I've been reading through an astronomy book. I've downloaded stellarium and starry night pro also. I've talked to some astronomy people. I even attended a planetarium show at my school before I graduated :)

So, I've learned a lot and I feel like I'm ready to actually start viewing the skies. I've only looked for some basic constellations with just my eyes but on the next clear night I will try to find more stars and a planet or two. I'll be using my eyes and a 10x25 pair of binoculars.

I'll post back here on star gazing my experience :)



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Great background work! This is needed since many throw themselves into this passion and make wrong turns which usually leads to frustration and unfortunately, to giving up on an exciting journey.

I'm looking forward to reading about your discoveries!


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