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shuttle sts 134 endevour is up

mr saddo



for all you who don`t know shuttle is up launched at 1.55 pm our time.Launch was going to be 30th may? don`t know why it was bought forward? must have fixed the heater problem on the fuel tanks. All ways impressed with the launch never fails to amaze me!! we may see double pass of ISS and shuttle IF the weather is clear!! IF!!



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I was at the Kennedy Space Center last Tuesday. My husband and I saw it being ready for launch. I took many pictures and a video. Unfortunately, I have to find the time to edit the files! I will probably tend to this over the weekend when time becomes more flexible.


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It was supposed to launch 29th April which would have meant we might of had a chance to see it overhead in the evening (UK). Watched it live yesterday, such power!

One more to go I think (STS135)?

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Good holiday Isabella?, look forward to some photos of Kennedy space center. hope you had a good time.

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