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Have I ordered the right telescope?




I started looking into buying a telescope a couple of weeks ago and after looking around in the net I decided to order a skywatcher 200p/1000 NEQ5 with the hope that it was big enough not to be disappointed with what I saw. I also wanted in the future the possibility of adding a motor to the mount for tracking to tack photos.I´d like to know what you think of this combination. Is the mount any good for photos.

Thanks :)



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I have complete faith in the Skywatcher's capabilities. For the rest of your question, I suggest putting a thread for the rest of the forum to see since not many people venture in the blog section. I wish you good luck!


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You;ll get the "feel" for it really fast. This is a VERY good site when it comes to advice but I find that most people prefer posting and answer by clicking on "stargazers lounge" (top left), selecting an appropriate forum (ex: beginner's help and advise) and then starting a new thread (thread starter on the left). Write and post your question there and you'll be amazed as to how many people will answer! Sometimes you have to give it some time though.


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the 200p is a great start ,motors wouf be great for tracking not sure how that would work out some people on sgl have spent thousands and still not got it right am talk in deep space ther,but the moon and planets m42 are easy even with a point and shoot hope ya fun

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