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Hello Wallwalker, dont know your name sorry. Thanks for your message but it took me ages to find out how to reply, even now i dont know if this is right. Thinking im gonna love this site i know theres lots of things about sky watching i need to ask, but first things first find my way round the site then questions after.




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Hi Maureen,

Thanks for the friend request, I think I've figued out how to add you as a friend!

I feel very similar about this site, that I'm going to love it when I get the hang of it - there's so much really usefull info on here.

How long have you been into astronomy? It's quite a new hobby for me and I still have a lot to learn, I am hoping to pick up a few tips from this site!

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Got your message ok. Have been skywatching for several years but still dont know everything lots to learn. Are you starting with binoculars or a telescope or both. Dont think we are in the right place for chatting think we should be somewhere else have to have a good look through and find out. Someone said this blog section is for big stories dont really know


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If you guys need any help in finding your way around - please just shout. There is always a mod or two around to help out.

If you want to have a private conversation then the PM (Private Message) system is best, but you can chat with each other here in the blog section or out on the main forum.

If you have a question to ask then out on the main forum is best as thats where most of the traffic is and you'll get a quicker response.

Welcome to SGL :)


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