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First night viewing




Managed to get some clear skies shortly after 10 pm after the weather kept me anxious all day with sunshine, rain, and thunderstorm.

Had to align the scope slightly, still needs some tweaking but I can’t get it to turn as it shows on some YouTube videos.

Still, managed to put it near Jupiter and then with a bit of scanning with the 25mm piece found It. At first, only saw the bright disk and 3 moons (from left Callisto, Ganymede and Io on the right side of Jupiter). After a moment I was able to make out the fourth moon (Europa) near Jupiter’s shape and could see the colour bands on its surface.


Next moved towards the Moon and then I moved the telescope towards the luminosity to focus on it. I wasn’t expecting Moon to make such an impression on me. Spent a while just looking at the Moon and took a short video on my phone, not mounted just trying to alight it to the eyepiece. Still below from the video, crappy quality but I wasn’t preparing for this. Still a memory of my first night with a telescope :)


We were going to finish for the night, but I was still hungry for views. Spotted a bright star near the zenith, turned out later it was Vega.




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