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Magnetic coupling



Initially I planned to make the focus motor quick release and the magnetic coupling made some sense but I ended up going for a simple screw mounted motor so it makes less sense now 🤔 But it’s done now and it works really well- better than I’d expected. It allows for lateral misalignment yet is a nice stiff rotational coupling for the sort of torque required to turn the moonlite knob. A ptfe pad keeps the magnets slightly separated so the two plates can move a little easier against each other. The black magnet holder on the focus knob is 3D printed and a press fit on the knob



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Interesting. Did you consider using a cheap magnetic clutch then ? E.g off for manual and on for controlled ?

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Hi skybadger,

No I didn’t- the motor is very easy to back drive when de-energised so I’m just going to fit a another knob to the other end of its shaft for manual use. Also a clutch holds very tight so I’d lose the misalignment tolerance which this has.

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AKA the pencil sharpener 😉 All ready for the hand-controller...



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On 05/11/2019 at 13:27, markse68 said:

AKA the pencil sharpener 😉 All ready for the hand-controller...


the  focus sharpener 😃 

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