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Spider hub

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The spider hub came together tonight- bit of a mare as it’s glued together with high strength retaining compound which gave me about a minute to assemble everything and try to align all the screw holes đŸ˜³- needless to say it was a right panic not helped by a friend deciding to strike up conversation at the critical moment. Wish I hadn’t rushed it as it’s not perfectly aligned and not much I can do about it now but it’ll do I think.

It’s getting a bit hefty though which is a worry- 200g already but that’s all the chunky bits bar the mirror itself. A lot of that is the central 10mm stainless shaft- might think about replacing that with aluminium or at least drilling a bore all the way through.

the adjuster screws need to be shortened a bit too



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Not happy with the weight of it all and the poor rushed assembly I pulled it apart (that retaining compound is really tough- took an hour in a 250degC oven to soften it up enough to crowbar it apart!)

I made new plates 4mm thick instead of 6, shortened the pillars and remade the locking piece in aluminium instead of brass- reducing the weight by almost a quarter

old spider hub.jpg

new spider hub.jpg


Much happier with the way it went together this time

I also lightened other parts and swapped the stainless screws for Ti for an overall weight saving of 62g- it feels much lighter now :)


Old holder.jpg

new holder.jpg

new assembly 2.jpg


I've also prepared the former for the mirror support tube- to be made form thin brass sheet


Mirror support tube former.jpg

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Spider completed using some 0.5mm SS sheet- I could really do with some new tin snips as it was a [removed word] to cut. Bit rough but I think it’ll do.

Just the mirror support cowl to make now




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