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3D Printed Chandelier for Living Room




The centre light fitting in my living room is looking tired and I want to replace it with something funky that fits my interests, like 3D printing and clocks as well as astronomy, so my idea is a giant 3D printed gear wheel with five globes as shades for LED lamps.  The gear wheel represents both 3D printing and clocks which contain lots of gears.  The globes can represent moons or planets.  Thinking about this, I guess I could add a star in the middle - I'll give it some thought.



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Here is a model of the gear wheel shown on the bed of my Giant 3D Printer.  The grooves are to take the wires to the lampholders from the central stalk/axle/pipe which hangs from the ceiling rose.  I plan to add a finial to the bottom of the axle below the spokes.  I'm thinking of printing the gear wheel in translucent yellow PETG but that may change.  Also, this is just a start - I have the attachments for the lampholders to add.  The lampholders arrived today so I can sort out the fixings.  5x Offgridtec G9 Lamp Holder DVE and UL Listed with ISOL. Cable Lead Lamp Base Socket LED Halogen CFL



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Here is a photo of the lampholder and LED bulb (G9 base).  There are two fixing holes 0.5" apart (12.7mm) a bit bigger than 3mm (probably 1/8" = 3.175mm) so M3 bolts will suffice for fixing (one is shown in the photo).  The LED bulbs are 4W, equivalent to a 40W GLS bulb and 5 of them will give plenty of light.  They are the dimmable variety so I will be able to reduce the light output for watching television.


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