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First use of the telescope : Jupiter\The Moon

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Since getting the telescope (a week ago) I have had no luck really with getting some observing in as there has been 100% cloud cover 

But one evening early on before it got too dark I managed to view Jupiter and its 4 moons low in the sky with the new BST Starguider barlow lens and eyepieces

At the same time I setup the viewfinder so it was dead on using the 15mm eye piece 

Well what can I say compared to my 4" reflector Jupiter looks great. Could clearly see the four galilean satellites and banding on Jupiter despite it still being light and early evening. The clarity and crispness of the view was very very good - better than I expected if I am honest and was very pleased

I also liked how easy it was to guide the telescope using the little handle under the scope to follow Jupiter and keep it within view, unfortunately clouds appeared soon after I began viewing Jupiter and then it disappeared behind some houses for the evening

In anticipation for a break in the clouds I got the laptop out and connected up the ZWO ASI camera in preparation for viewing the moon and Saturn

An hour or so later the moon was viewable and again through the BST Starguider barlow lens and eyepieces the moon looked fab - very clear and crisp.

To view the moon I had to move the telescope out of the conservatory into the garden - this was the first time I have had to move the telescope property - its a bit of a stuggle but managed to relocate it and in the future will remove the telescope tube from the base and move both seperately so I don't trip up or put my back under any strain walking and carrying it all at one

Once in the garden I pulled up a garden chair and small table and put the laptop on the table and attached the camera to the focuser and started up the Firecapture software and after aligning the telescope via the view finder on he moon was seeing a white smudge so after focusing I managed a clear and crisp image on the laptop and watch in excitement as the section of the moon I was observing slowly glided across shimmering away. Using this camera you do not get to see a large section of the moon (certainly not the whole of the moon) but for me the camera will be about imaging planets but was happy to be able to mount the camera, use the software (changing the gain \ exposure and other setting) to get a good image. I also did come capture but these were saved in the default SAT format which I couldn't view\playback so after the moon disappeared behinds clouds for the night I adjusted the setting in Firecapture to save movies as AVI and images as JPEG for next time.

So overall a good but short session viewing Jupiter and its moon and our very own moon and getting familiar with the ZWO ASI camera as well as the eyepieces and guiding the telescope. As I have been doing much reading up I was appreciative of what I was seeing using the 8mm and 15mm eyepieces and the barlow lens, whereas when I was using my 4" I use to randomly change eyepieces not knowing what to expect to see haha !

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