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All Sky Camera Mark 7



This is my latest generation of all sky cameras and based on the ASI178MM followed by ASI185MC CMOS astro camera and a Fujinon fish-eye lens of 1.4mm focal length.  Although rated at f1.8, this lens lets a lot more light through than this would imply.  Image capture is provided by a Raspberry Pi 3 in conjunction with INDI software.  This is used with KStars/Ekos client software running on a Linux Mint desktop indoors.  Communication is via Wi-Fi.  The Mark 6 ASC has proved inadequate after being in use for some time. 

This blog will describe the problems of the Mark 6 and report my progress in developing this new version.

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I'll be starting the new Blog soon.  Maybe today maybe tomorrow.  May have a day of rest today.  Though posting project info is not too demanding compared with debugging code!  Thinking of what to call it  :icon_scratch:  "Gina's Ultimate All Sky Camera with WiFi and DIY Camera Cooling" perhaps.  I was also thinking of longer titles but I would like to keep it short and to the point.  Maybe "Gina's Ultimate All Sky Camera" would be sufficient though I feel the DIY camera cooling is worth mentioning as something different.  Maybe also "night and day".  Thinking...

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Had a thought about how I could make a waterproof cooling fan if I want more cooling.  Got the idea from a submersible water pump for fountain or aquarium.  Make the motor waterproof and drive the fan by a magnet.  The fan could use a nylon bearing which isn't affected by damp or wet.

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So far I haven't found any need for better camera cooling and I doubt the ambient conditions would get much worse.  Last night the breeze had died and there was little if any air movement across the cooler meaning that all the cooling was by convection.  Cooling was significantly less than when there was an easterly breeze but still adequate to kill noise and hot pixels.

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