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First light

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Beautiful clear skies over London tonight, first test drive of my new scope is done; amazing view of the moon, large mountainous craters on the edge which i've never seen before, can actually tell that the moon isnt a perfect disc at all; very happy :icon_biggrin:

Going to try and spot M42 soon, its nice and clear to the naked eye, fingers crossed...

However... while i can already see the potential of the mirrors, the eye pieces are absolute rubbish, significant color shifts on the edges of everything, and that doesnt inspire confidence for looking into deep space; will be getting a pair of new ones asap, X-Cel's probably, or starguiders, we'll see what my bank balance is like at the end of the month!

Not especially disappointed though, all the reports i'd read had prepared me for rubbish eye pieces lol


I would like more control over focus too, i bought a little device (not sure what its called) for my old refractor, which was essentially a focus with a very low gear, making focus very easy: i saw a version of the 200P with something similar built in, can anyone tell me what its called? And if there is one for 1.25" eyepieces?

This looks interesting: http://www.365astronomy.com/Dual-Speed-1-10-Microfocus-Upgrade-Kit-for-Skywatcher-Crayford-Focusers.html

Anyone tried it? Or have a better solution, 10:1 seems good though


No photos yet, still need and adapter for my dSLR, and a decent low light 1080p cmos/ccd


  • Scope: Star Watcher 200P dob w/ SkyWatcher Super 25mm & 10mm
  • Sky: [SW London] 100% Clear, Moon 92%, Light Pollution bad
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If you do upgrade the focuser, better to get a 2" version. They come with "adapter" so that you can continue to use 1.25" eyepieces but then you are enabled to use "wider view" 2" eyepieces if you wish.

here is an example. Email FLO to make sure it fits the 200p using the "ask us a question" button (they are out of stock anyway so you wont be tempted!)



Here is a thread on similar vein...


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