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Do £20 Light Pollution Filters Work?

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Dark Amender


Do £20 Light Pollution Filters Work? I am thinking of buying one because of the stupid amounts of Light Pollution in Oldham. would it really make a difference or is it a waste of money? Would it make the Andromeda Galaxy look like a galaxy, and not the faintest ever small blob? Also i have some 10x50 binoculars they can see blue clouds of the Orion Nebula but with my telescope all i can see it the 2 stars... would it help with that? and will i ever be able to get the Horse Head Nebula with the stupid amounts of LP in Oldham?


Dark Amender

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Hi Dark Amender,

First of all I think you should post in the forum as you will probably get more help there.

Second well light pollution filters can be a help against the orange sodium lights but galaxies regardless will look like cloudy blobs and the horsehead nebula is incredibly difficult to see.

Don't let get you down when you look at a galaxy that cloud is the light from a few billion stars you are seeing.

Light pollution can be a pain but there still some fantastic things to be seen even in the light polluted cities.

Have you had a look at the Pleidies? really beautiful.

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just bought a LPfilter myself, im from a pretty light polluted area, will post a review in the equipment review thread within the forum in the next few days, sky permitting.



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As the previous people have said, try the query in the forum to get people's experience. I have used LPFs mainly for photography. The SW one is cheap but you have to re-colour balance with a photo. The hutech filter is much better, but more expensive. Some narrow band filters may be better for visual. Have a look here for more detail:

Astronomik -Welcome! to Astronomik's online home to Astronomers World Wide!-

By the way I'm in Oldham too! As is TopHouse

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