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swallowing my pride



Well after what seems like 6 Months, about 30 hours polishing and 3 regrinding back to 400 grit I still can't seem to get rid of the astigmatism I have in the centre of my mirror.it was time to face facts that due to my lack of experience I could spend another 100 hours and end up with a too thin blank so I've left my mirror with John for him to machine it back to 400 and then polish it and make sure the astigmatism has gone before I finish the polishing and start to figure it.really dissapointed in myself as I wanted to do it all myself but having to face facts that I eventually want this mirror in a telescope.I'm sure I will still find plenty of challenges during figuring to keep me occupied but I think it best that I give myself a chance by having th mirror right before I start figuring.
Big thanks to damian too for making me a new mount for my testing setup to make it easier for me to take accurate photos.
Hopefully have an update of some sort in a couple of months.


On a plus side I'm getting plenty of cycling done and getting fitter.I've entered my first sportive, a 73 miler in October and training is going well as I'm hill climbing much better and doing 44 miles ok.next year I'm hoping to do 5 of the local 100 mile sportive so need a good winter of training :)
Happy days but I do miss the stars :(


Clear skies Rich

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Well Rich, I would say that identifying a problem and then choosing the best solution is a successful outcome, rather than a failure. Excellent work on getting the mirror this far and as you say its better to get john to sort it now before it gets too thin.

As far as as not doing everything yourself, dont worry as unless you were going to aluminise the mirror yourself there was always going to be a point when you handed the mirror over to have it finished.

Its a big bit of glass you have there, so when you get a queue forming at the first star party you take the finished scope to then it will all be worth while.


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I knew it was going to be a big undertaking but I was hoping to do it all myself but I would like to use it some day rather than look at it in my garage :)

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Garage .... sounds better than the greenhouse you had in one of your older blog entries, at least it will keep a more constant temp. :)


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