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Western Veil Nebula WIP




So the last week was kind and I managed another couple of sessions under the stars.
The lack of dark nights has made this a labor of love indeed.


I have gathered 5 hours for each Ha pane so I have managed one of my bonus goals.


Total integration time so far is 17 Hours:


I may not add any more data to this until the darker skies return :sad:


Project status
Stage 1 - Complete
Stage 2 - Complete
Stage 3 - Skipped
Stage 4 - 0% Complete
Stage 5 - Complete



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I read this blog with interest - and a level of envy!!

I am terrible at planning my imaging sessions, and I suspect like many others, don't know what I will be doing until I switch the computer on!!


I really must get better at planning my images, and perhaps this will be a good nudge in the right direction!!


Look forward to the final result - but the 17hr interim looks pretty tasty!!

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Cheers Daz.


I started planning my nights better because I used to setup then search around for targets and waste 30 minutes of imaging time. This way it gives me some goals and direction for my nights.


I'll be taking a break from this blog until the nights start turning darker and hopefully get it finished off.

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