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R.i.p shed roof no. 4




I am sad to anounce the destruction of yet another roof on the shed. It did, however, manage to snap a reenforced fence post in half in its BID for freedom.

So beware the evils of bungee cord, i knew it wasn't strong enough and all four bungees frayed like the spineless buggers they are.

I was expecting them to make some brave last bid stand with triumphant music playing and slow motion capture as poor brave jonny bites the dust......poor jonny. Ahhhh look out brad! Another gu....oh the humanity as brad bites the dust.

But i feel it didnt happen like that and that jonny and brad bungee cords may have been sniveling in the corner crying for their mothers.....some may say it was again the generals fault for not supplying the correct equipement to the troops but i say pish and Tosh! They survived the last three storms so why not this.

So our general is roofless and yet again without an observatory, i do have a rather nice swimming pool which has four walls and a door!

Luckily the cameras and scopes were inside so its back to the drawing board and a new roof when the weather clears.

Roofs aré over rated, still, up until i had to move the eq6 back indoors the alignment and Photos really were coming along nicely.

The moral of this sorry tale is use moré bungee cords! Oh i kid, it is never look a gift hor....no thats not it....perhaps its never leave four huge m16 bolts in your car boot when they could be holding your roof down.....yep thats the one.

I have a great design for a house of straw next and i am sure it will work....

Clear windless skies all.

Neil c



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I recommend using bailing wire rather than bungee cords. And if you can't get any bailing wire then by all means go to the fall-back of bubble-gum as an adhesive/sealent and bailing twine as your securing material. Have you considered using duct tape?

Okay now that I've gotten the sillies out of me concerning your predicament I should like to offer a bit of serious advice.

In days of old, in those countries where wind played havoc with keeping ones roof on, the locals would place rocks on top of the roof to help in keeping it down. Each rock was usually about 7 to 14 lbs each and there would at least two or three to each roof pitch.

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Oh!!! And make sure you put a wedge under them or with vibration the rocks will slide off the roof and knock someone in the head.

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Duct tape! Its so obvious i should have thought pf it myself. I will put the rocks on as well and steal one of those falling rocks road signs in order to warn people. I will also need to custom build a "warning low flying shed roofs" sign but i think the neighbours are already used to it.


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It's funny how many people forget about duct tape as a solution to lifes problems. :-)

I was thinking some more concerning your predicament and rather than use large stones (which while being far more attractive are also expensive to procure) you could go to your local builders and get some 4 inch concrete cinder blocks. If you paint these the same color as your roof and lay them flat then they will be quite difficult to see unless your really looking. And, laying them flat would preclude having to wedge them as the square area making contact with the roof would provide more than sufficient friction on a normally pitched roof.

Anyway... I hope this helps.

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