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Well I know it was Jupiter anyway!





Ok, so the photo isn't a classic but to me it's a masterpiece :-) ...the first time I have ever seen Jupiter through a telescope let alone been able to photograph it. Pretty awesome to be honest considering I've managed to take a photo of a planet over 550million km away and whilst I don't think it'll win any prizes it has made me a happy man!

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Nice one, also a newbie this year and jupiter was also my first observation. I was equally excited.

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Wait till you see Saturn then you will"WOW" all over again Atb para


Agreed completely and then M42, totally awesome

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Agreed on Saturn. I love how you guys are all excited by this stuff. I remember bouncing into the house babbling about Saturns rings when I saw it. My wife wasn't so excited.. lol

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Looks very much the same as I saw with my NextStar 130slt. I also saw what looked like 4 moons 2 at one side and 2 at another with varying distances away from Jupiter. Its strange how the red bands seemed to fade in and out I presume this is down to atmospheric conditions. Cant wait to get another clear night.

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Well I think that it is wonderful as you have expressed in words the dramatic reality of the image. My skills only range as far as pointing a Dobsonian at Jupiter and I am equally pleased with myself and awed by what I see.  I love your enthusiasm.

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WOW!!!! ....after months of waiting for Saturn to appear on the horizon between the trees I have finally seen it!! ...no photos, way to excited. You were right guys, someone thing very special about seeing the rings angled in the sky! Must get my camera ready for an attempt at a picture on the next clear night!

My god do I love astronomy!!!! :-D 

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