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I brought my son a 127 SLT Telescope for Christmas this year after seeing a few videos online.. I was taken back on what you can see with the scope and that is why I purchase one. After getting the 127 SLT setup I pointed the scope to the full moon and here I get a bright light. I tried focusing in the telescope focuser knob but still the moon shows up as a bright light.. I then point the telescope to a building about 100 to 200 feet anyway and I was able to focus in on one brick with no problems.. I'm using the 20mm eyepiece and I'm unsure what I doing wrong.. I email Celestron tech support a few days ago and have not heard back.. any advise you can give me would be appreciated..


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A wall is far too close to focus on, you will now have the focus set wrong and the moon will be a blur or worse. Close on a 127 (Mak) will be about 1 or 2 miles away, a wall is just far too much.


The focusing on a 127 is via a small bit on the rear this is a fairly fine thread and will take a lot of adjustment, you just have to keep winding. It will take some time, it all moves slowly, it is not easy to access and you will likely be cold.


Cannot say if you need to turn clockwise or counter clockwise, try both. The piece being moved is inside the tube and picturing what is happening is not easy.


Use the 20mm, but at some time get a 30mm or 32mm plossl.


Not sure where you are (guess not UK), there are 5" or 6" flexible items to replace the small adjuster on the rear, they make life a lot easier.


Also post in the main forum, Beginners Advice etc, more read it and so more answers and usually quicker.

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