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big dilemma



Well I have now done about 15 hours polishing with nearly 10 hours through centre and I still have the same problems as before when the ronchi image flips through.when looking at the ronchi I don't get the same obvious centre circle as before but still showing the centre astigmatism.I'm pretty much doomed to going back to the tile tool and doing a few hours with 600 alu oxide to get it back on track then start polishing again.I could keep polishing but if it's not changed after nearly 10 hours I think it will be quicker to go back to 600.the only other option is to polish out which Wil probably be another 6-8 hours then try and sort it when figuring with the smaller tool.

I'm erring towards gojnng back to 600 at the moment.

Pics to follow


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if you have it somewere near why not get it finished/figured by john nichol it will still save you ££££££. just a thought

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Not an option fella,I have to do it myself.it was John who said i should polish for a bit then go back to 600 if the astigmatism didn't polish out

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Shame that Rich. I need to send some Ronchi images to John see how he thinks mine should progress? I am thinking of ordering the ply and truss poles for delivery next week fella so will be able to make a start on the dual build so I'm sure you'll have the mirror sorted before its finished!



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Mirror making still being done then I thought that art died out years ago

Still very much alive and being taught by those that don't want our history to disappear

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