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Info overload!

Andrew W


The internet is a wonderful resource.

There's almost no subject on which you can't find a plethora of information and opinion.

For every possible argument there's a counter and several tangential debates.

In my on going hunt for the right starter scope I'm finding that every time I make a decision I'm overwhelmed with opposing or differing views.

Every thread opens up some new possibilities and closes others.

24 hours later I read other stuff and make a U turn.

My budget veers hourly between £80 and £800 as I convince myself of the merit of one end of the scale and then change my mind with the merits of the other.

Suffice to say it's all very good fun but means making a decision is almost impossible.

Back when I was young and had hair there was generally (if you were lucky) one magazine that covered your chosen hobby.

They dispensed wisdom which you were expected to slavishly follow and much derision and name calling would ensue if you didn't follow the herd!

My how times have changed.

I'm pretty sure I've decided to go for a small refractor around 80mm for a number of reasons and whilst it won't do everything it'll do most of what I want to start with but if you check back in an hour it'll be a 16" Dob :grin:

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Hi Andrew.  I think its hard to get a professional opinion on which type of scope you think best. It seems there are a couple of factors that you need to consider before making your purchase. One of the main factors is how good are your skies and what do you want from of your hobby. There are two main themes atm in astronomy, imaging and observing and both are supremely rewarding. However, Imaging has its problems, technical and time frustrating and observing is best done with a large aperture, especially from light polluted skies. There is much fun to be had either way with any purchase but do remember that you get what you pay for.  The best fun though might be an 8" dob, get out and see, and share your pleasure. Clear Skies



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Cheers Mal.


I'm thoroughly enjoying the dilema and will no doubt end up with more than one scope.

At this stage I just want to dip my toe into a bit of everything whilst I work out what really floats my boat but that perfect compromise doesn't exist.


Hence why we all spend too much money on equipment and have empty wallets  :)

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Hi Andrew,


These dilemmas will perpetuate towards eyepieces once you have a scope, so don't fear the enjoyment is here to stay ! 


I started with a 10inch dob and love it (1st scope), then I managed to get a secondhand Edmund Scientific Astroscan which is a neat 4.5inch grab and go (2nd scope).  I have more than my eye on the 50mm Ha solar scope (3rd scope when its released / 1st frac !).  Lastly (and I really mean lastly) I frequently drool over an ivory televue 85 and when time and funds allow plan on this as my last scope.  Its obvious each scope has strengths and weakness, these details can / are debated into ever decreasing circles.  Different kit excels in different ways for sure & I personally don't get too sucked in to the frac vs newt arm wrestle as a taste of both sides is a clear advantage, however & back to my first scope, have you ever priced up a 10 inch APO?  :)   




By the way:   If you are in Bristol drop me a message as you are welcome to get some hands on views with the 10".  

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Looking through that would make you think you could actually touch the moon!

I've been having a chat with one of the members on here. The issue is there doesn't seem to be a middle ground between the ST80 which is the right size to hit my portability/cabin luggage size refractor but with obvious quality and CA issues and the synta style copies which, with a nice 2" diagonal, are starting at £300 and still have some level of CA to contend with. and that's without any eyepieces!

I'm thinking of therefore biting the bullet and trying to find a cheap as chips second hand st80 and then grab a canon 1100d for some initial observing and imaging whilst I wait for an ED80 to pop-up second hand. 


I'll have changed my mind by this afternoon though! ;)

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Oh yes, and thanks for the offer much appreciated. you might regret it when you find I've moved in to your garden :)

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I have a shed, but my girlfriend may object to you in the house.............................or the shed       :)

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