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Well finally I have started grinding again after what seems like an age but was actually just less than a month.precious wasted time though!So I have my grinding table set up in its new self contained room, which isn't a greenhouse and has a better roof strip light and the gf has agreed that I have sole access to the room so I an leave everything as is when I finish.




Gave the mirror and tile tool a good clean off after being packaged for the 250 mile relocation down south and then got stuck in with 30 minutes with the 400g.looking nice and shiny now.I need to get another magnifying glass as I've lost my old one but should be onto the 600 grit within an hour.I have some 600 alu oxide from eBay to start with and then some better spec stuff from John to finish it off.Won't be long before the bit I'm not looking forward too-pouring that pitch lap!!

wel I got all the way through 400g with no pits or scratches so I cleaned the tile tool off and got the 600 out that I had bought and tried a wet.Didnt go according to plan.The tool was just sticking against the mirror and was really hard to push across the surface.First thoughts were that I had used too much aluminium oxide so I washed the mirror and the tool off and tried again with less grit and a bit more water but the same result.I think the 600 I have may be much closer to 800 but also it crossed my mind that as my tool has ground down a lot that the channels may be too small so I cleaned those out but same result.I took the tool again and fully deepened the channels but I think the grit is wrong but I have some more 600 that John recommended that Damian has posted me (cheers again fella) so will try again .

The big downside was that from using the wrong??? grit there ended up being a fair few smll scratches near the edge of the mirror so have had to go back and do another 30 mins with the 400 and will probably do another 30 mins today on 400 just to make sure im back to prime condition before I move on to the 600.

better channels on the tool


trusty old diamond cutting disc


Another update soon hopefully.

Clear skies Rich

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Excellent stuff, looking forward to more of this in the future..


The floor could do with a coat of paint :) 

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Rented accomodation so unfortunately modificatiom is unpermitted.if I could I would concrete the grinding table into the floor for stability.

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Nice write up there again Rich. I see the diamond disc has proved invaluable again.

I have had 20min's with the new 400grit this aft trying to get those scratches out and will continue tomorrow till they're gone and move back onto the 600alu oxide. Hopefully will be something like by Monday and the shine with 600 is amazing.

I can't wait till the tile tool is done with as that means the final furlong is upon us fella. Great read and I shall continue with the good work up that there north whilst you carry on with the daily grind down there. Fingers crossed those galaxies won't be as far away by September.


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Im considering resin coating the back of my tile tool to stop the risk of bits of cement falling off it qnd for better grip when lowering the tool on to the blank.

Another update monday hopefully

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Another go at grinding today Rich. I removed the scratches I had with the 400 and went onto the 600 for an hour. Got a good hour with no scratches and only a few pits around the edge when dried off and checked.

Went for another session and the first few strokes I could tell something was amiss especially when I saw a small fleck of tile on the blank. Removed tool and checked. Another scratch! Gutted 3hours to go backwards!

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Yeah its really hard to avoid little bits of tool coming off, not a problem when you are doing 60, 80 or 220 grit but disaserous on the finer grits.maybe its those new tiles as mine dont flake as much now they are thinner.im really really carefull putting the tool on now and I only lift it off every half hour, I just keep topping thw grit up every few minutes

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