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New Eyepiece



And so it begins. The start of what I suspect is a never ending path of incremental upgrading.

My humble stock eyepieces that came with my 130EQ were a little shown up by the eyepieces I tried when I took my scope to my society's observatory. As a result I have been looking to get some personal upgrades and got some excellent advice via this very forum : http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/217684-eyepiece-sets/ and other excellent threads started by others.

As a result I have been doing rather a lot of window shopping and research and have decided that rather than buying one at a time, I would go and get a Baader Mark III Hyperion Clickstop zoom for now. This allows me to have multiple eyepieces in a single package without having to buy them all. Reviews seemed good and although the Williams Optic zoom lens I tried out in my scope wasn't that great, I understand the Baader one to be a different kettle of fish. Also, it allows a direct DSLR connection on the eyepiece itself which fits in rather nicely with my longer term goals. It should also serve me nicely when I eventually get a different scope, which is certainly on the cards as well as a new mount (window shopping not restricted to eyepieces...)

I found a second hand one on astrobuysell and it is being posted today. There are no forecasted clear nights for the immediate future, so will road test when I can.

I also have ordered 'Turn Left at Orion', as I have decided that I want to know the skies without Goto while I am not neck deep in astro imaging hurdles and this eyepiece seems perfect.

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Hope youll be happy with the baader zoom. As you might know already : the 24mm end of the zoom hasnt got the biggest fov, but I have enjoyed the zoom with both my scopes ( f5 and f5,9), but then again really I dont look for flaws at all.

Not having to change eyepieces suits me just fine.

If you like the zoom and find it comfortable to use, I would recommend you to buy the Baader 2.25x barlow. This will give you up to 183x on your scope, which is great for Lunar observing, and 130-180x will be great for Jupiter and Saturn.


Good luck



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Thanks Rune. It arrived today and there was a brief moment this evening when the clouds parted and the moon was visible and I was straight out there. I have to say it looked brilliant. I wear glasses so to see such a great image with great eye relief has calmed any concern I may have had about picking this up second hand. I am extremely happy with it. I take your point on the barlow, if it is anywhere near as worth it as this EP, then I can't see myself avoiding it!

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I wear glasses myself and the stock eps that came with my new scope tend to out perform the ones that came with my older scope. I only have one ten mm ep and one 6 mm ep but I was able to compare the different20 mm eps and have noticed a difference. I love the kellners that came with the new scope compared to the Huygens of the other. I am looking for just having 1.25 ep kit though it's a bit annoying changing out adapters every so often. But hopefully there will be clear skies for you

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