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Bit of a spring break



Well the time has come for me to move house from west Yorkshire the Hampshire so all grinding activities have been suspended for the time being.We are living with my girlfriends mum for 2.weeks before we move into our house on the 6th June and there isn't room to grind so I will have to nip back to Yorkshire to pick up my mirror and grinding table in a couple of weeks :(

I have done just over an hour with 400grit and wow,it's starting to get smoother and more shiny now!!!still a few pits left so when I get my mirror set up there will be a bit more time with 400.before I move onto 600 alu oxide the the pitch lap.

Hate not being able to do anything as I'm behind schedule and it's likely I won't get my mirror finished in time for autumn but the starts will still be there next year so no biggy.as long as the miror is good when finished I will be happy :)

In the mean time I need to find some dark sites within an hour of Portsmouth as the skies round here are tosh!!

Clear skies Rich


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Hi Rich,


I've been reading your grinding progress with great interest - it's been fascinating to follow along and it's helped/helping me understand the process a lot better, so thank you for sharing!


Good luck with all the house moving and I look forward to reading the next update :D




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Thanks for your comment.part of the reason I decided to do the grinding blog was due to the mass of sites giving conflicting information on how to grind and what to use at each stage so hopefully this will be a little less confusing as I run through it stage by stage.obviously it's still my views and how I've been shown :)

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