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interim update



Well I've just passed 65hours of total time with my blank!!!I've currently done 5h 45 minutes with the tile tool and I'm back down from 12.5mm to about 11mm so realistically I could have just ground to about 11mm before starting with the tile but you live you learn.currently I'm edge deepening with the tile tool to get it back to about 10.5mm before I move onto the next grit.I'm going to have the mirror checked out again this weekend to make sure I'm not ruining it with my ham fists and basically to see how far off a sphere I am.

As I said before,I'm moving at the end if the month but our house fell through so after another couple of weeks I may have to have a month off the mirror as I will have nowhere to grind.Just Aslong as I'm ready for the pitch lap by then I will be happy enough with the break.

Frighteningly I've gone through 12.5kg of 80 grit and 25kg if 60 grit to get to this stage!!!I wasted a lot of grit to start with but I'm currently reusing grit that I've recouped and cleaned so I won't need to buy anymore.I did buy an extra 3.5kg of 80 but hopefully won't need it.

It's now about 3 months since I looked through the eyepiece of a scope so hopefully by the time autumn comes I will be geared up and ready to hammer those galaxies!!!

Clear skies Rich

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nice one rich, your getting there though, thats a lot of grit mate

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A lot of wasted grit but it is my first grind.I think by the time I'm back to sagitta I may be beyond a sphere so still plenty of work to do but yeah,I'm getting there :)

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Good write up there Rich. Just before I left for my week's holiday I reground the bevel to a shallower angle which has taken back virtually all the chip I had on the side.

It's looking a lot better now and I shall return to it with renewed enthusiasm

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Keep going Rich, you are doing sterling work. Can't you just test for a sphere with the "sharpie" test?

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The sharpie test only test for good contact between tile tool and blank but I've had to make my sagitta shallower so it changes the way you grind so contact is different.

I will know how close it is to a sphere tomorrow when I have it checked and then just 1mm to grind to get back to sagitta then it's polishing and figuring.

See Damian I told you to stop being a drama queen!!;) really glad it's salvaged good and you ha e your mojo back.will be starting to look for some pitch next week

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