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Second stage grinding with the tile tool



Had my first hour grinding with the tile tool and must say its an interesting and utterly sweat inducing process.I slightly misread some of information I had read and ended up grinding with a 3" overhang on my tile tool rather than the centre of the tool being 3" from the centre of the blank which is a 1" overhang rather than 3".tbh in my first hour I just wanted to bed the tile tool in and get the hang of grinding with the tool but the curve already looks more spherical and my sagittal is nearly 0.5mm shallower after just an hour unless ive measured wrong or the fact I did a big bevel after getting to the 12.5mm sagittal.the bevel explanation is probably more likely.

here is a sequence of photos showing tool contact after:

15 minutes


30 minutes


60 minutes


seems like good contact and will start doing the correct 3" over centre strokes next time out.im doubting that ive done any harm with only an hour of doing it slightly over so happy that im going in the right direction.

one thing to say about this stage-pushing a 15kg+ piece of concrete that sticks every now and again is much more tiring than the 10kg ring tool that glides quite well plus this stage uses grit much faster and each wet takes much less time.

hopefully be another update early next week when ive got a few more hours in on the tool and measured the contact.

clear skies Rich


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Yeah you still use grit.I'm continuing using the 60 I have left but ideally 80 would probably be better as its a bit less harsh.when I get the tool ground in well and the pencil test is well done I will switch to 220 grit until all the 60 pits are gone then 400 and polishing before testing it with the ronchii :) then paraboidalising/figuring.still lots of work left!!

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Good progress Rich. You think this is sweat inducing?? Wait 'til you get to the pitch lap!! Nice contact on the tool.

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Nah it's not too hard at the moment I just want to make it sound harder than it is ;)

Yeah I've been told the polishing stage could be a two man job but I'm sure I will man up to it :)

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