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Out in the sunshine



Despite being on decorating duty today, I managed to pop the scopes out this afternoon for a quick look at the sun. I have acquired a couple of bits to make my mini giro setup a little more compact, namely a 13cm counterweight bar (Teleskop Service) and smaller L-bracket (365 Astronomy), and was just wanting to try them out.

All worked well, the mount is still well balanced and moves smoothly. It's quite easy to align the PST and 76 so that they both point at the sun, avoiding constant movement and making comparisons between Ha and white light views very easy.

The photos show the before and after kit shot, much better now. The only other things I might do is replace the az tightening knob with something a little bigger, that would make fine adjustment of tension easier.

The views through the Herschel Wedge in the 76 are really lovely, granulation nicely visible, and some amazing detail in the Active Regions. The sketches on the forum are very good representations. PST view was a little quieter to me today, no particularly big proms around but stil some nice views.

This kit is very quick to setup and gives really satisfying results.


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I am really looking forward to taking delivery of the Herschel wedge, it doesn't help reading your experiences.  It is a bit like being at a restaurant waiting for your food to arrive when everyone around you is eating :-)



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Well I would apologise, but if the end result is you getting to experience the same fabulous views then all is good :-).

Hope it arrives soon, and you get a clear day. Don't forget to fit the polarizing filter to the EP, especially if you are changing them over. Don't think it is dangerous without but you might see purple and green dots in front of your eyes for a while!

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LoL I have heard of that before, thank you for the reminder, I will make sure I use the filter.

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