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12-9-202 clear skys!! 13th 4.30 Am has well

mr saddo



Hi, out last night for a few hours quite cool but clear sky's around 9 pm till 10.30 pm, never seen so many stars in Cygnus!! here in the city, i was most impressed!! did try the camera on the dob but failed miserably, even found the Globular cluster in Hercules which has eluded me for some time!! with the help of Andriod sky map held on the eyepiece, and it points telling you where to go!! cheaper than a go to!! LOL was disappointed!! just a gray smudge!! nothing like the pictures i have seen. mind you Andromeda was the same just a gray smudge. UP this morning 4.30 am to 5.30, wow so clear, out with the evostar, Venus, our crescent moon, Jupiter, Orion you could actually see the nebular with the unaided eye thats a first been in the city. Pleiades was... jaw dropping!! i have not seen it this good for ages!! Jupiter was very bright, had to filter it a bit to see bands better, Then loads dirty black clouds rolled in at start of dawn, ah well! crawled back to bed!! quite pleased with my self. blogentry-9328-0-63919600-1347527782_thu



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